Transforming to a Cisco Intent-Based Network (IBNTRN) v1.1 Quiz Questions and Answers

What are the main functions of the Cisco DNA Center Platform Domain Adapters?

Answer :
  • Domain adapters enable integration with other infrastructure domains such as data center, WAN, and security.

Which role is used for store the host database?

Answer :
  • control-node

What are the type of ospf LSa ?

Answer :
  • type 5
  • type 7
  • type 3

On which point I can do summarization in ospf?

Answer :
  • abr
  • asbr

Which device can serve as a network access server?

Answer :
  • router, switch, firewall, and access point

What is the Cisco TrustSec role in Cisco SD-Access deployment?

Answer :
  • The Cisco TrustSec goal is to assign an SGT value to the packet as it enters the network.

What are the two primary reasons for using OSPF or IS-IS routing protocols for SD-Access underlay deployments? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • Link-state routing protocols converge much faster than distance vector routing protocols.
  • IS-IS and OSPF are open standard protocols.

Which network topology allows all traffic to flow through a central hub?

Answer :
  • star

Which policy construct is used in Cisco SD-Access to identify a source or a destination of a traffic flow?

Answer :
  • SGT

Which Cisco ISE node does Cisco DNA Center integrate with?

Answer :
  • monitoring node