A unique combination of high quality IT Training & Tourism.

As the pioneer in Training+Tourism, Koenig has taken a lead in providing training in all the above tourism friendly cities using state-of-the-art technology and travel hospitality.

All courses listed on Koenig’s Website are offered with Training+Tourism.

Comparison of Training+Tourism and Traditional Classroom Training:
Training+Tourism Traditional Classroom
Cost Affordable Expensive
Recording of Classes x
Availability All Cities Limited Cities
Trainer Co-located Optional
Flexibility of Schedules x
Environment Friendly x
Covid Safe x
Timings Flexible 9-5
Vendors Koenig As per City
Local Tours Included x
Training+Tourism is available in the following cities:

An average passenger emits 411 gms of CO2 per mile. A typical intercontinental flight is 2500 miles I.e. 100 kgs of CO2. One tree absorbs 20kg of CO2 Per year. We plant 1 tree per participant of Training+Tourism. Which will fully offset The carbon footprint of the flight undertaken by the student.

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