Rampant cyber-attacks on organizations of every size and scale throughout the world indicate that cyber security is one of the most critical factors that businesses need to incorporate in their operational strategy. Failing to do so can bring unwarranted damages to the business in terms of cost, time, effort, brand image and even customers. Which is why companies are on the lookout for cyber security professionals who are skilled at network defense strategies to safeguard enterprise systems. Information security, network security, system security, internet security are all branches of IT security. Depending upon area of interest or expertise, Koenig offers an extensive security training portfolio that includes courses on network security, system security, web application security, server security, and mobile application security among others.


What Is Network Security?

  • Networks are the backbone of IT system in any organization. Rampant attacks on a network can occur in any form like virus, malware, spyware, and even physical hacking. In our security training courses, we cover a wide array of network security issues and their solutions. Our security certification training courses on EC- Council Cast, ISC2, and CompTIA, etc. are designed to skilled network security professionals.

What is system security?

  • System security means the security of the operating system that runs a computer or the network as a whole. As the system handles the data used in a computer and remains responsible for transference of data within the network or outside it the administrators need in-depth knowledge on system security which is efficiently provided in our security certification training courses. We have developed security training courses on EC-Council CAST, CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, ISC2, etc.

What is web application security?

  • Web application security is the deals with the security system that is required while browsing the internet, accessing a website, or transferring data in the web. Our security certification training courses are designed to gain professional knowledge on web application security. These security training courses are developed on different platforms like Microsoft, Cisco, EC-Council CAST, etc. which are the best platform and extremely popular.

What is server security?

  • As would be learned in the security training courses, a server provides a wide ranging internal and external services in an organization and mostly remain responsible for the transfer of data through the internet and intranet. Hence, its security is always a priority for the system and network administrators. Highest levels of professional knowledge are mandatory for keeping a server secured and our security certification training courses are made to impart that professional training.

What is mobile application security?

  • With the rapid proliferation of the mobile internet, the security aspect of data transferred through the mobile phones or preserved in the mobile memory and apps is a major concern these days. Varieties of security software are now available which you can learn from our security certification training courses. The purpose of these security training courses like provided by EC-Council Cast, CompTIA, Cisco, etc. helps to learn how to develop the most authentic mobile application security.