Security Training & Certification Courses

Security Training & Certification Courses
Security Training & Certification Courses
Security Training & Certification Courses
Security Training & Certification Courses

Rampant cyber-attacks on organizations of every size and scale throughout the world indicate that cybersecurity is one of the most critical factors that businesses need to incorporate in their operational strategy. Failing to do so can bring unwarranted damages to the business in terms of cost, time, effort, brand image and even customers. Which is why companies are on the lookout for cyber security professionals who are skilled at network defense strategies to safeguard enterprise systems. Information security, network security, system security, internet security are all branches of IT security. Depending upon the area of interest or expertise, Koenig offers an extensive security courses training portfolio that includes network security, system security, web application security, server security, and mobile application security among others.

We offer a wide range of security training courses that are delivered by our industry experts. Whether it is classroom training, one-on-one training or instructor-led training, we can organize our security courses with varied modes of learning delivery. At Koenig Solutions, you can go for several cyber security programs, such as Certified Ethical Hacking, Certified Network Defence, Advanced Network Defence, Securing Windows Infrastructure, Advanced Mobile Hacking and Forensics, Certified Authorization Professional, Threat Prevention, and more.

An easy way to providing expert security training to individuals is by adopting a convenient learning mode and one of the most suitable security training courses available at Koenig Solutions. We deliver result-oriented security training on network defense strategies, as well as the security of information, systems, and the Internet. We offer a bouquet of security certification training courses that go from beginner to advanced levels. Our extensive training ranges from the Web or mobile application security to network and server security.

Our security certification training courses go from EC-Council, ISC2 and ISACA to Check Point, Juniper, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications. Whether it is about firewall administration or exchange server administration and security, our training programs can be highly beneficial for security professionals, as well as for starters who want to go for high-paying jobs in this field. Candidates can select suitable courses according to their job roles or the kind of security tasks they wish to take up in future.

We, at Koenig Solutions, provide training in a variety of IT security domains that range from information storage security to enterprise network security. Following are our security courses listed for you. As every course has its own prerequisites, you should check them before planning to take up a course and benefit from it.

Certifications/ Courses Duration Available Dates Fees starting from

Security Testing

download Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9 New Version: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v10) 5 23-27 Jul 2018, 6-10 Aug 2018, 12-16 Aug 2018 $ 2,000
download Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v10) 5 23-27 Jul 2018, 25-29 Jul 2018, 30 Jul -3 Aug 2018, 20-24 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 24-28 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,990
download Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) V9 5 23-26 Jul 2018, 6-10 Aug 2018, 13-17 Aug 2018, 27-31 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,750
download Certified Network Defense [CND] 5 6-10 Aug 2018 $ 1,700
download EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA v9) 5 28 Jul -1 Aug 2018, 13-17 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 2,050
download Cyber Security 10 23 Jul -2 Aug 2018, 10-19 Sep 2018, 15-24 Oct 2018 $ 4,050
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Security Management

download Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) 5 On Request On Request
download Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) 5 30 Jul -3 Aug 2018, 6-10 Aug 2018, 20-24 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,950
download Certified Information Systems Auditor 6 6-11 Aug 2018 $ 2,290
download Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) 5 6-10 Aug 2018, 3-7 Sep 2018, 8-12 Oct 2018 $ 1,700
download Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) 5 23-27 Jul 2018, 6-10 Aug 2018, 20-24 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,740
download Certified Data Protection Officer : CDPO 5 20-24 Aug 2018 $ 2,000
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Cisco Security

download Implementing Cisco Identity Services Engine Secure Solutions v2.1 5 6-10 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 2,060
download CCNA Security (Implementing Cisco Network Security) 5 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,740
download Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions 5 23-27 Jul 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,800
download Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions 5 20-24 Aug 2018 $ 1,800
download Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions 5 20-24 Aug 2018, 27-31 Aug 2018 $ 1,800
download Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions 5 6-10 Aug 2018, 13-17 Aug 2018 $ 1,800
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Security Products

download Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall Administration 5 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,740
download Check Point Certified Admin (CCSA) R80.10 3 6-8 Aug 2018 $ 1,400
download Check Point Certified Expert (CCSE) R80.10 3 28-30 Jul 2018, 1-3 Aug 2018, 10-12 Sep 2018, 15-17 Oct 2018 $ 1,430
download Wireshark Network Analysis 5 On Request $ 1,740
download Junos Enterprise Switching (JEX) 2 6-7 Aug 2018 $ 1,240
download Junos Security (JSEC) 3 6-8 Aug 2018 $ 1,440
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Web Application Security

download EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer (ECSP) .NET 3 27-29 Aug 2018, 10-12 Sep 2018, 15-17 Oct 2018 $ 1,500
download OWASP 5 13-17 Aug 2018 $ 1,740
download EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer-Java 3 1-3 Aug 2018 $ 990
download Audit Application Source Code 3 1-3 Aug 2018 $ 1,440
download Certified Application Security Engineer JAVA 3 20-22 Aug 2018, 10-12 Sep 2018, 15-17 Oct 2018 $ 1,850
Certified Web Penetration Tester 13 20-24 Aug 2018 $ 3,280
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Network Security

download Certified Network Defense [CND] 5 6-10 Aug 2018 $ 1,700
download Cisco Network Security Audit 5 23-27 Jul 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,170
download Security+ [SY0-501] 5 20-24 Aug 2018 $ 1,760
Cisco Network Security 10 6-10 Aug 2018 On Request
Network Security Expert 21 On Request On Request
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Database Security

download Oracle Database 11g: Security DBA Release 2 5 20-24 Aug 2018 $ 1,640
download Implementing Oracle Audit Vault 2 1-2 Aug 2018 $ 500
download Oracle Database 11g: Implement Database Vault Release 2 2 1-2 Aug 2018, 10-11 Sep 2018, 15-16 Oct 2018 $ 550
download Advance Database Security Testing 6 6-11 Aug 2018 $ 2,080

Other Certification & Training Courses

Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP) 5 23-27 Jul 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,700
Skybox 5 On Request $ 1,700

Who Should Do This Course

We have a suite of security certification training courses out of which some programs are suitable for beginners who wish to go for IT security-related jobs. The rest of the security training courses are designed for working professionals who may be handling the roles of security officers, security professionals, developers, programmers, security auditors or site administrators in their enterprises. There are also specific security courses for incident handlers, risk assessment administrators, information security professionals, penetration testers, computer crime investigators, forensic technicians, and cyber forensic administrators.


There are different prerequisites for our varied security certification training courses. However, here are some basic conditions that may apply to most of our programs:

  • Working knowledge of computers and networking
  • Knowledge of Java, .NET and/or other programming languages
  • Good understanding of security and network services
  • Basic understanding of protocols like TCP/IP 

While there is no major prerequisite for beginner courses, except having the basic knowledge of computers, professionals should have work experience in IT security or related domains in order to take up advanced-level courses with us. A few of our programs also require the candidates to have a minimum work experience in order to be trained.

In addition, there are courses that one can do only after completing a specific training. Thus, we recommend every candidate to first check the exact prerequisites for a particular course at Koenig Solutions. This will help them decide whether they can or should go for a specific training course.

Benefits of Security Course

After completing a specific training, depending on the training you select, you may benefit from the expert-level learning and skills gained that lets you do the following tasks efficiently:

  • Test, secure and hack the cyber data and critical infrastructure
  • Develop highly secure applications
  • Manage projects in IT security
  • Plan business security and cut security-related costs
  • Administration of network servers
  • Implement penetration testing and its techniques
  • Assessment, prevention and mitigation of cyber security risks
  • Manage and respond to security incidents in an information system
  • Detect cyber-attacks and extract supportive information as evidence for the cyber-crime investigation reports
  • Conduct audits to prevent cyber attacks
  • Architect and implement cost-effective, secure software solutions for an enterprise 


What Is Network Security?

Networks are the backbone of IT system in any organization. Rampant attacks on a network can occur in any form like virus, malware, spyware, and even physical hacking. In our security training courses, we cover a wide array of network security issues and their solutions. Our security certification training courses on EC- Council Cast, ISC2, and CompTIA, etc. are designed to skilled network security professionals.

What is system security?

System security means the security of the operating system that runs a computer or the network as a whole. As the system handles the data used in a computer and remains responsible for transference of data within the network or outside it the administrators need in-depth knowledge on system security which is efficiently provided in our security certification training courses. We have developed security training courses on EC-Council CAST, CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, ISC2, etc.

What is web application security?

Web application security is the deals with the security system that is required while browsing the internet, accessing a website, or transferring data in the web. Our security certification training courses are designed to gain professional knowledge on web application security. These security training courses are developed on different platforms like Microsoft, Cisco, EC-Council CAST, etc. which are the best platform and extremely popular.

What is server security?

As would be learned in the security training courses, a server provides a wide ranging internal and external services in an organization and mostly remain responsible for the transfer of data through the internet and intranet. Hence, its security is always a priority for the system and network administrators. Highest levels of professional knowledge are mandatory for keeping a server secured and our security certification training courses are made to impart that professional training.

What is mobile application security?

With the rapid proliferation of the mobile internet, the security aspect of data transferred through the mobile phones or preserved in the mobile memory and apps is a major concern these days. Varieties of security software are now available which you can learn from our security certification training courses. The purpose of these security training courses like provided by EC-Council Cast, CompTIA, Cisco, etc. helps to learn how to develop the most authentic mobile application security.

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