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Project Management is a discipline that covers initiation, planning, execution, control and closing of a project to completion, within the constraints of time, budget and resources. A project has a defined beginning and end, and therefore, predefined resources and schedule. Project Management certifications let professionals from various industries and verticals imbibe the basics of project management so that the projects can be completed according to requirements. Irrespective of industry vertical or geography, knowledge of project management is considered highly valuable across the world in every domain.

Project Management Facts

  • By 2020, project management jobs are expected to grow to 15.7 million globally.
  • Most project-oriented industries such as Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, IT and Finance are expecting a 37% increase in their output by 2020.
  • Certified project management professionals take home an average salary of $81,000 (USD) according to Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition, 2015.
  • PMP certification holders garner a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without it.

PMI Courses

As every organisation has project management as an inevitable part of its operations, the value and requirement of professionals in this domain has been increasing. Thus, we have come up with the Project Management Professional certification, which can train professionals in any industry to accomplish even the most complex of projects in a scheduled and optimized manner.

For all professionals involved in project management, especially the IT project managers, we offer the following PMP programs via different learning modes:

Our courses can turn you into a resourceful Project Management Professional, who can use the principles, practices, tools and techniques of project management for business improvement and development.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Prep – The course is highly value-adding for those who want to prepare for achieving a PMP certification.
  • PMI-CAPM Certification Prep – The course recognized the abilities of a project manager who can overcome the constraints to deliver expected results on projects.
  • PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) – The course recognizes the student’s knowledge of agile principles and techniques.
  • MBA Workshop - This workshop is great to explore the business acumen and professional skills of the attendees in a peer group environment.
  • PRINCE2® Foundation - The course trains students in PRINCE2, the commonly used method of managing projects smoothly.
  • PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner - The course trains students on the foundational aspects of PRINCE2 method of project management. It also offered the knowledge of the best project management practices using this method.
  • PRINCE2® Agile - The course combines the knowledge of project management using both Agile and PRINCE2 methods.
  • ITIL 2011 Foundation - Through this course, the students get trained on IT service management by adopting the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) approach.
  • ITIL Practitioner - Under this course, the students adopt an improvement approach to organisational communication towards continual service improvement.
  • Microsoft Specialist: Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013 - The course trains students on the upgraded version of Microsoft Project, which is of great help in managing projects in organisations.

Who Should Do This Course

Our PMP course is value adding for all those IT and other industry professionals who have to manage projects of all types and volumes in different organisations and industry verticals.


From preparatory-level PMP certifications to PMI, PRINCE2, ITIL and Microsoft specialist programs, we offer several project management courses that come with different prerequisites. However, almost all courses require candidates to possess a minimum number of hours of project leadership experience and project management education. A few courses may require them to hold certain certifications already. Thus, we recommend learners to check the exact prerequisites before planning to pursue a particular Project Management Professional certification course.

Benefits of Project Management Course

Whether you belong to any geography or any work domain, a PMP program can turn you into a certified expert who can achieve the following through the best project management practices:

    • Manage projects to enhance business productivity and efficiency
    • Drive positive organisational change to meet business goals
    • Improve the process of communication and project documentation
    • Measure and report the project progress and success precisely
    • Identify and drive improvement possibilities at workplaces
    • Deliver business value through optimal resource consumption


What is project management?

Project Management is planning, organizing, managing, and rendering a project as per the schedule. A project management professional possessing project management professional certification after the completion of a PMP course can handle the responsibility in the best possible way meeting the expectation of the top management. Keeping in view diversified nature of project management we have arranged PMP certification of PMI. Microsoft, PRINCE2, and ITIL.

What is a project management certification?

To become a recognized Project Management Professional, one needs to achieve project management professional certification which is obtainable after appearing for the PMP exam conducted . A certified professional in this field is capable of accomplishing a project or certain part of the project in the best possible way. There are various institutes offering training as per the PMP course. You can therefore opt for training.

How much does it cost to get project management certification?

The cost of taking exam is US$405 for PMI members and US$555 for non-members. However, you may need Project Management Professional Certification training which is available from various intitute. PMP course fees may vary from $180 to $2,600 if you have decided to get the certificate from PMI, depending on the course structure and what type of Project Management Professional you want to become. You can contact us through email or over telephone for detailed cost structure for different PMP certifications.

What is the scope of project management?

Project management is an inevitable part of every progressive organization in any industry, as such, the importance of a Project Management Professional has been increasing day by day, so also the value of PMP certifications. As per the interest or need of the company with which the employee is attached, a PMP course can be pursued and related project management professional certification can be obtained.

What is Quality in Project Management?

A project is undertaken and an experienced Project Management Professional is engaged with an intention to achieve the desired outcome. So, the quality of each outcome may be a product or service, determines the success of the project. A PMP course or the PMP certifications from PMI, ITIL, or Microsoft etc. meant for gaining a project management professional certification that enables a professional to maintain the quality of the project.

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