Cloud Computing Certification Courses

Cloud Computing Certification Courses

Cloud computing is the buzzword in the IT industry and everyone seems to be following the trend. But what is cloud computing, to be exact? Cloud computing refers to delivery of hosted services over the internet. Rather than build and maintain a physical infrastructure, companies prefer to store, manage and process data on external remote servers. This setup offers a valuable proposition to business owners by reducing costs, and providing flexibility and scalability.

For aspiring and current IT professionals, Koenig Solutions is a one-stop shop for career-oriented training and certifications. In our bouquet of courses, one of the most important and highly demanded courses is the training on Cloud Computing. Whether it is classroom training or online instructor-led training on Cloud Computing courses, learners are able to gather in-depth knowledge to store, process and manage a vast amount of data on remote servers.

This course offers comprehensive training on Cloud Computing that helps in managing data on external servers while avoiding the creation and maintenance of a cost-consuming physical IT infrastructure within organizations. Here, we provide you with some more details on our suite of Cloud Computing courses that can lead to huge cost savings within all types of organizations, as far as the data storage and dissemination costs are concerned.

Koenig Solutions brings a wide range of Cloud Computing certification training courses. Our professional and specialized courses help IT professionals in best aligning to their work domains and the goals of their organizations. With our below-mentioned programs, learners can look forward to becoming Cloud leaders and cost savers for businesses:

Certifications/ Courses Duration Available Dates Fees starting from

Microsoft Azure

download Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 5 20-24 Aug 2018, 27-31 Aug 2018, 17-21 Sep 2018, 22-26 Oct 2018 $ 1,710
download Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions 4 10-13 Sep 2018, 15-18 Oct 2018 $ 1,330
download Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 5 3-7 Sep 2018, 8-12 Oct 2018 $ 1,710
download Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 3 3-5 Sep 2018, 8-10 Oct 2018 $ 820
download Developing Windows Azure and Web Services 5 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 1,710
download Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure 3 1-3 Oct 2018, 5-7 Nov 2018 $ 890
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VMware Cloud Management & Automation

Red Hat Cloud

download Red Hat OpenShift Administration (DO280) 3 10-12 Sep 2018, 15-17 Oct 2018 $ 1,400
download Red Hat OpenStack Administration II 4 10-13 Sep 2018, 15-18 Oct 2018 $ 1,570
download Red Hat OpenStack Administration III: Networking & Foundations of NFV 4 20-23 Aug 2018, 1-4 Oct 2018, 5-8 Nov 2018 $ 2,030
Introduction to Open Stack 1 On Request $ 900

Oracle Cloud

download Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c 3 10-12 Sep 2018, 15-17 Oct 2018 $ 890
download Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Install & Upgrade 2 3-4 Sep 2018, 1-2 Oct 2018, 29-30 Oct 2018 $ 1,390
download Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c 3 3-5 Sep 2018, 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 890
download Oracle HCM Cloud: Core HR Administration Essentials 2 On Request $ 1,200
download Mobile Development on Oracle Cloud 3 3-5 Sep 2018, 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 12,750
download Oracle HCM Cloud: Global Human Resources Ed 3 5 On Request $ 1,710
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Citrix Cloud

Oracle Solaris Cloud / Storage

download Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Appliance Administration 4 10-13 Sep 2018, 15-18 Oct 2018 $ 1,170
download Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Administration 5 20-24 Aug 2018, 10-14 Sep 2018, 15-19 Oct 2018 $ 2,510
download Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c R2 Virtualizing Systems 4 On Request On Request
download Oracle Solaris 11 Building Private Clouds 3 3-5 Sep 2018, 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 890
download Oracle Storage Fundamental 2 3-4 Sep 2018, 1-2 Oct 2018, 29-30 Oct 2018 $ 570
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Cisco Cloud

download Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CLDFND) 5 1-5 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018 $ 1,720
download Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CLDADM) 5 1-5 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018 $ 2,650

Other Certification & Training Courses

Architecting on AWS 3 29-31 Aug 2018, 4-6 Sep 2018, 11-13 Sep 2018, 9-11 Oct 2018, 15-17 Oct 2018 $ 1,540
AWS Technical Essentials 1 28-28 Aug 2018, 3-3 Sep 2018, 10-10 Sep 2018, 8-8 Oct 2018, 14-14 Oct 2018 $ 960
Systems Operations on AWS 3 27-29 Aug 2018, 24-26 Sep 2018, 22-24 Oct 2018 $ 1,540
Cloud & Datacenter Monitoring with System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 5 1-5 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018 $ 1,330
CompTIA Cloud Essentials 6 20-25 Aug 2018, 1-6 Oct 2018, 5-10 Nov 2018 $ 1,660
Developing on AWS 3 3-5 Sep 2018, 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 1,400
CompTIA Cloud+ 6 20-25 Aug 2018, 10-15 Sep 2018, 15-20 Oct 2018 $ 2,080
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals 1 3-3 Sep 2018, 1-1 Oct 2018, 29-29 Oct 2018 $ 900

Quick Facts about Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing is up to 40 times more cost effective for small to medium business enterprise, as compared to deploying physical IT infrastructure
  • Almost 30% of service companies are expected to move the majority of their applications on the cloud by 2018
  • 82% of companies reported cost efficiencies after moving their IT on the cloud

Who Should Do This Course

Our Cloud Computing courses are suitable for all aspirants who have been looking for well-paying IT jobs, especially in the trendy domain of Cloud Computing. Those IT professionals who need to design, deploy, administer and manage a Cloud should also take training on the subject. Our training is especially helpful for solutions architects, engineers, system integrators, automation specialists, private Cloud administrators, and system administrators. Our courses can certify their knowledge and skills in designing and implementing the Cloud storage solutions effectively.


We offer comprehensive Cloud Computing training in convenient modes. However, each of our courses has a set of prerequisites that should be met before taking up that course. While these prerequisites vary for every course, the following are some basic conditions to enrol for our programs.

  • An understanding of websites and data storage devices
  • Basic knowledge of Active Directory and database concepts
  • An understanding of C and ASP.NET
  • Basic knowledge of SQL, DNS, and TCP/IP
  • Basic knowledge of encryption technologies and security, as well as disaster recovery
  • An understanding of virtualization technologies, including virtual hard disks, virtual networking and virtual machines
  • Working knowledge of multi-tier architecture
  • Working knowledge of scripting and programming using popular languages
  • Basic knowledge of Cloud Computing

While the above-mentioned prerequisites are general conditions for many of our Cloud Computing courses, it is critical for the candidates to check the exact prerequisites for a specific course before planning to take it up. A few courses may only be available after completing a specific training. Additionally, some other courses may be offered only to IT professionals, developers, and enterprise architects with some experience in Cloud Computing. However, there are also courses that can be taken up by any candidate who possesses the basic knowledge of computers.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Course

Our cutting-edge training in the domain of Cloud Computing is useful for new and experienced IT professionals. By completing our Cloud Computing training, learners can manage a variety of tasks, some of which are listed below:

  • Comparing different Cloud products and adopting the right Cloud Computing solutions according to business goals
  • Helping the business tap into an almost infinite storage capacity
  • Handling data storage, sensitivity and security issues
  • Deploying databases and managing unstructured data in the Cloud
  • Integrating the Cloud with existing applications, as well as re-architecting applications for it
  • Leveraging the existing IT infrastructure to deploy a private Cloud
  • Maintaining the integration of a private Cloud with public Clouds
  • Managing access to Cloud assets and resource availability to teams
  • Designing strategies to data availability and disaster recovery
  • Planning strategically while adopting a Cloud or migrating to a Cloud

Although the above-mentioned benefits of handling the entire process of Cloud adoption and implementation are applicable to all learners, they can still choose the best Cloud Computing certification course training based on their role within an organization and their interest to take up a related job role in the IT sector.


What is Cloud Computing?

No transaction, whether personal. professional or financial, can be managed without data..Cloud computing is nothing but the use of Internet space to store,manage and process data. A Cloud computing training you will learn about the concepts from the basics to the intricate processes to manage the various deployments across public, private and hybrid. Cloud Computing courses are based on practical applicability of concepts with rapidly changing technologies.

What are the career benefits of this course?

Cloud computing courses give you two clear path in IT - pro and admin. A pro would require specific cloud skills while an admin would require specific knowledge with regards to cloud architecture. Cloud computing training allows for both pros and admins to get jobs in the areas of corporate cloud configuration, development and operations.

What is this course about?

As the name suggests, Cloud Computing Courses are all about understanding and deployment of the architecture, process and management of a cloud. A cloud computing training will help you master virtualisation technologies, security management, etc. on all leading platforms including Azure, AWs, Oracle-cloud, CISCO data center, Salesforce, CompTIA, amongst many others.

What are the prerequisites for the certification?

Basic understanding of distributed computing, cloud storage systems, networking and working knowledge of operating systems are some of the prerequisites of a cloud computing training. When you wish to join Cloud Computing Courses, it is better to discuss the specific requirements, for the course you are interested in, with the institute.

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