Selenium 2.0 [Webdriver] Quiz Questions and Answers

The process of using tools, scripts, and software to perform test cases by repeating pre-defined actions refers to______.

Answer :
  • Automation testing

Return on Investement is _________ in manual testing.

Answer :
  • Low

Selenium can be integrated with____.

Answer :
  • TestNG
  • Nunit
  • Jenkins

How many testing types does a software industry involve?

Answer :
  • b. 2

Selenium IDE scripts are recorded in a special scripting language called______.

Answer :
  • Selenese

Which of the following selenium tool is capable of coordinating WebDriver tests which can run simultaneously on multiple web browsers?

Answer :
  • Selenium Grid

Which of the following WebDriver component provides a transport mechanism to transfer data between a server and a client?

Answer :
  • JSON

How many heading tags are available in HTML?

Answer :
  • 6

Which of the following tags has to be used to structure the text into different paragraphs?

Answer :
  • paragraph tag

Selenium RC comprises ____ parts.

Answer :
  • 2