Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance (SESA) v3.1 Quiz Questions and Answers

Which is not part of inboud security provided in the incoming email security policy?

Answer :
  • DLP

Which interface of ESA used as a Private listner?

Answer :
  • Data2

What are the options followed by DomainKeys & DKIM?

Answer :
  • all the above.

Which one is not part of DomainKeys & DKIM configuratiion

Answer :
  • Delete message

Which Cisco ESA component receives connections from external mail servers?

Answer :
  • public listener

What happens when all recipients match the same policy regarding message splintering?

Answer :
  • The message is split into several messages that are equal to the number of policies that matched, and the recipients are set to each appropriate “splinter.”

What is the characteristic of using heuristics as a method to detecting a virus?

Answer :
  • The heuristics method is used with signature-based detection.

What are two message content criteria to evaluate DLP policies? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • a list of specific senders and recipients for filtering messages
  • a list of attachment file types for filtering messages

Which three services are available to verify incoming mail on Cisco ESA ?

Answer :
  • email authentication
  • domain-based message authentication
  • reporting and conformance

What are three email protection freatures of the Cisco Talos ?

Answer :
  • sender base
  • threat operation center
  • dynamic updates