SD-WAN Advanced Policy, Security, and Programmability (SDWSEC) Quiz Questions and Answers

In the inline deployment model, which device hosts unified communications and WAN optimization features?

Answer :
  • Service router

A large retail organization decided to move some of the branch applications to the AWS cloud. How does the network architect extend the in-house Cisco SD-WAN branch to cloud network into AWS?

Answer :
  • Create virtual WAN Edge devices Cloud through the AWS online software store

Which one of the following statements best describes the hybrid SD-WAN deployment model?

Answer :
  • In the hybrid model, SD-WAN co-exists with traditional network services.

A bank is looking for improved customer experience for applications and reduce overhead related to compliance and security. Which key feature or features of the Cisco SD-WAN solution will help the bank to achieve their goals?

Answer :
  • QoS including application prioritization and meeting critical applications SLA for selecting optimal path.

An engineer is adding a tenant with location JD 306432373 in vManage. What is the maximum number of alphanumeric characters that are accepted in the tenant name field?

Answer :
  • 128

What are the two protocols redistributed into OMP? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • OSPF

Which three of the following controllers make up the Cisco SD-WAN solution? (Choose three.)

Answer :
  • vSmart
  • vBond
  • vManage

Which of the following devices does not support the IOS XE universal image?

Answer :
  • vEdge 1000

Which command is used to save configuration changes?

Answer :
  • commit

What is the default initial port number used by Cisco SD-WAN controllers?

Answer :
  • 12346