React Native Quiz Questions and Answers

What happens when the following render() method executes? render(){ let langs = ["Ruby","ES6","Scala"] return (
{ =>


) }

Answer :
  • Displays the list of languages in the array

Explanation :

map is just another method call on a collection. Works perfectly fine

Which of the below is used to find files or directory from system?

Answer :
  • Find

Explanation :

This is explanation for the given question

Which of the below is used to search text from the file?

Answer :
  • Grep

Explanation :

Grep is used to text from file.

Tthe View component accepts a style prop that can be ….... ?

Answer :
  • A) a single style object
    B) a StyleSheet reference
    C) an array of style objects
    All of the above

To displays an image we use …......component, that is analogous to the HTML img tag ?

Answer :
  • Image

Select the props that is used to choose what image is displayed within the Image component. ?

Answer :
  • source

Which props is used as a placeholder image until the main image has loaded ?

Answer :
  • defaultSource

Select the prop that is called when the image is loaded successfully.?

Answer :
  • onLoad

Which component provides visual feedback by simply modifying the opacity of all of its children when it is pressed.?

Answer :
  • TouchableOpacity

Which component gives access to press events, but does not provide any visual feedback ?

Answer :
  • TouchableWithoutFeedback