Python Programming for Cisco Network Engineers (PCNE) Quiz Questions and Answers

Data that is exchanged using RESTCONF and NETCONF on IOS network devices are modeled using which of the following ?

Answer :
  • YANG models

Which two options represents CLI limitations ? (Choose Two)

Answer :
  • Unstructures text data requires postprocessing to transcode to machine -friendly formatting.
  • The CLI does not return error or exit codes on which the operator can act programmatically.

For which two common tasks is Network automation used ? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • device provisioning
  • reporting

What is SDN ?

Answer :
  • a set of techniques, not necessarily a technology,used to control, manage, and change the way networks are built and managed

In which two environments should the Cisco SD-WAN solution be used ? (Choose Two)

Answer :
  • Campus WAN
  • Enterprise WAN

What is the basic principle of SDN in a network ?

Answer :
  • It separates the control plane from the data plane.

Which two protocols are considered modern APIs for managing network devices ? (Choose Two).

Answer :

What does it mean if an automation tool is an agent-based solution ?

Answer :
  • The tool requires a software agent to be installed on every machine that is to be automated.

Which option describes an intent-driven policy?

Answer :
  • Translate business rules about the intent of the overall system into device-specific network policy configuration.

Which statement is true about an SD-Access campus fabric underlay network ?

Answer :
  • An network elements must establish IPv4 connectivity via a routing protocol.