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Scrum Master Certified Certification Training Course Overview

Scrum Master Certified professionals have working, practical skills and knowledge of Scrum that prepares them to execute and work in a Scrum environment. The intention of this professional Scrum Master certification is to teach professionals how to execute Scrum in the projects and to modify Scrum in a particular scenario. Scrum Master course Certified professionals are catalysts who make sure that the Scrum panel is given with an environment favorable to implement the project productively. The Scrum expert facilitates, guides, and teaches Scrum practices to everybody involved in the project. It also clears obstacles for the team and makes sure that Scrum procedures are being followed.

Scrum Master Certified Course Objectives

  • Help your product owner get the product backlog in shape
  • Identify and remove obstacles
  • Facilitate release planning events
  • Facilitate Sprint meetings: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective
  • Use Scrum artifacts and visibility tools for tracking and facilitating decision-making

Who Should do the Scrum Master Training course?

This Scrum Master Certified training course is suitable for any professional who wants to learn Scrum Master methodologies. Some of the ideal fit for this training are:
  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Analysts
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Members of Scrum Team

Roles and Responsibility of a Scrum Master

  • Manages the scrum process in accordance with the scrum team using Agile methodology
  • Assists the team to reach a consensus during the daily scrum
  • Stresses on creativity
  • Focusses on the efficiency of the development team
  • Removes the limitations of the development team
  • Safeguards the team from distractions
  • Conducts retrospective meetings
  • Facilitates sprint planning meetings
  • Enables product owners to keep the product backlogs ready for the next sprint

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Scrum Master Certified Course schedule & Prices

Schedule & Prices
Course Details Schedule
Live Virtual Classroom (Instructor-Led)
Duration : 2 Days (4 Days for 4 Hours/Day)
Fee : USD 600 (Includes Taxes)


8 Hours/Day

8 Hours/Day

8 Hours/Day
Duration : 2 Days
Fee : On Request
Client's Location
As per mutual convenience
Classroom Training (Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : 2 Days
Fee : On Request
On Request

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Course Prerequisites

There is no formal prerequisite for this certification. It is recommended to attend a 2-day SMC™ classroom training provided by Koenig Solutions Ltd.

Some of the benefits of taking the Scrum Master Certified training course are as follows:
  • Job prospects of a professional Scrum Master will improve because of the demand for such professionals across different industries.
  • After completing the Scrum Master certification training classes, you will be able to demonstrate to your existing and prospective employer your core Scrum knowledge.
  • A professional Scum Master has access to the community of experts and invaluable resources available exclusively to Scrum Alliance members.

Give an edge to your career with SCRUMstudy certification training courses. Students can join the classes for Professional Scrum Master Certification at Koenig Campus located at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Shimla, Goa, Dehradun, Dubai & Instructor-Led Online.


No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

The cost is USD 250.

ScrumMaster is someone who ensures project teams are efficiently using an agile software development framework called Scrum to get the desired results.

The ScrumMaster certified training will validate your skills in front of any organization looking to hire experts who have the knowledge and skills to take a software development project from ideation to completion.

To earn your ScrumMaster certification you must take the CSM course from a Certified Scrum Trainer and then get passing scores in the CSM examination.

It is not mandatory to renew your Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification. However, if you wish to do so you need to pay $100 as fees to get the certification renewed for a period of two years.

There is a lot of flexibility provided to complete Scrum certification programs. There is no defined duration in which you need to complete any of these programs.

The success rate of Scrum certification programs is typically in the higher 90s i.e. 9 out of 10 students who attempt these programs will get certified.

Instantly! Access codes are generated in real-time and in a matter of seconds you will have one

The examination is evaluated in real-time and therefore in few minutes you will see the test results and find out whether you managed to receive the certification or not.

Yes, you are eligible. In fact, anyone from across the world is eligible to apply for Scrum certification programs.

Yes, these are valid in the United States and Europe.