Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I Ed 3 Quiz Questions and Answers

An administrator in your organization says you do not need to back up the domain files on a machine that only manages servers run. Select the best explanation for this statement.

Answer :
  • This Is true because the domain files can be re-created with the pack and unpack utilities.

Which two tasks can be performed by the Node Manager?

Answer :
  • Start a server
  • Automatically restart a failed server

You created a shutdown class Myclass that you would like to execute just before the server shutdown. Which statement is true regarding Myclass?

Answer :
  • Myclass must be available in the WebLogic server’s classpath

Consider an existing nondynamic cluster that is currently hosting many libraries, applications, and data sources. You need to scale out this cluster to include a new server. You provision the domain on new machines. What are the two ways to create this new server in the domain configuration?

Answer :
  • Use the Configuration Wizard to add a new server to the cluster
  • Use the Administration Console to clone an existing server in the cluster

You need to take a web application offline. Which two options are supported In WebLogic Server when you stop a running application?

Answer :
  • Terminate HTTP sessions immediately
  • Wait for HTTP sessions to time out

A WebLogic server (WLS) domain was recently updated from WLS 10.3.6 to WLS 12.12. What is the mode of operation of the Node Manager after the update and what is needed to keep the same behavior as in WLS 10.3.6?

Answer :
  • Node manager runs in “per domain” mode and requires manual steps to return to the “per machine” mode, used in WLS10.3.6.

Which two statements are true about WebLogic data sources?

Answer :
  • Data sources are bound in the JNDI tree of a server

A WebLogic server domain contains a dynamic cluster called “cluster1”.The cluster “cluster”1 has two dynamic managed servers “server1” and “server2”. There is a need to view the inherited attribute values for “server2”. How do you view all attributes of “server2”.including those inherited from the server template?

Answer :
  • Use WebLogic Administration console >”server2” link.

You need to configure WebLogic Server to satisfy the needs of your new application that will update more than one data set on several databases in the same transaction. All updates will be committed or rolled back at the end of the transaction. Which setting should be considered?

Answer :
  • Enable Two-Phase Commit in each data source

You shut down a managed server by using the administration console. Which statement is always true?

Answer :
  • You can choose to shut down the server right away or after it completes its work.