Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I Course Overview

Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I Course Overview

The Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I course is a comprehensive program designed to educate learners on the essentials of managing and configuring the industry-leading application server. Through a series of modules, participants will gain hands-on experience in installation, domain creation, deployment, and securing applications within WebLogic Server. Starting with an overview of WebLogic Server, the course progresses to installing and patching, creating domains, and starting servers. Administrators will learn to navigate the Administration Console, configure JDBC resources, and effectively monitor their domain.

Node Manager utility is addressed for enhancing server lifecycle management, and application deployment is covered extensively. The course also delves into advanced topics such as shared Java EE libraries, network channels, virtual hosts, and clusters – covering their creation, configuration, and troubleshooting. To ensure robust application execution, the course includes lessons on transactions and WebLogic Server security, and concludes with best practices for backing up domains and upgrading WebLogic Server. This course is pivotal for IT professionals aiming to master WebLogic Server administration, ensuring high availability and security of their applications.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that students are well-prepared for the Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I course and can fully benefit from the training, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic understanding of networking concepts, such as TCP/IP, HTTP, and DNS.
  • Familiarity with command-line interface (CLI) operations and scripting in a Windows or Linux environment.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) components and architecture.
  • Awareness of database concepts and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).
  • Some experience with system administration tasks, including software installation and configuration.
  • An introductory level of knowledge in web server technologies can be beneficial, although not strictly required.

These prerequisites are intended to provide a foundation that will help students to more effectively grasp the course material. No prior experience with Oracle WebLogic Server is necessary, making the course accessible to individuals who are new to WebLogic but possess the basic IT skills as outlined above.

Target Audience for Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I

Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I is an in-depth course designed for IT professionals focusing on enterprise server administration.

  • System Administrators
  • Application Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • IT Managers
  • Middleware Administrators
  • Operations Personnel
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Technical Consultants
  • Professionals preparing for Oracle certification

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I?

  1. This Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I course equips students with foundational skills for managing Oracle WebLogic Server, including configuration, deployment, and security.

  2. Learning objectives and outcomes:

  • Understand the architecture and concepts of Oracle WebLogic Server and how it fits within enterprise environments.
  • Learn how to install WebLogic Server 14c and apply patches to ensure the environment is secure and up to date.
  • Gain the ability to create, configure, and manage WebLogic Server domains tailored to specific application needs.
  • Master the startup and shutdown procedures for WebLogic Server instances and learn how to automate these processes.
  • Navigate and utilize the Administration Console to manage and monitor WebLogic Server domains effectively.
  • Configure JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) resources to enable database integration and data persistence for Java EE applications.
  • Monitor the health and performance of a WebLogic domain using built-in tools and metrics.
  • Deploy applications to WebLogic Server and understand the concepts of Java EE libraries for shared functionality.
  • Set up and manage Node Manager to control remote server instances and automate administrative tasks.
  • Design and configure server clusters for high availability and load balancing, including session replication and failover capabilities.
  • Implement network channels and virtual hosts to manage network traffic and serve applications under different hostnames.
  • Understand the role and configuration of transactions to ensure data integrity and consistency across distributed systems.
  • Learn about WebLogic Server security features and best practices to protect applications and resources.
  • Perform domain backups and learn strategies for upgrading WebLogic Server to maintain a secure and reliable environment.