Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the best use case for using the JeOS tools to build templates?

Answer :
  • Linux administrators looking for a command-line approach to template-building Linux templates

What is the purpose of the use "command " in the CLI?

Answer :
  • Use a specified server pool as the default for all commands requiring a server pool argument.

What component of Oracle VM Product is specifically responsible for the automatic failover process?

Answer :
  • Server Pool Master

What two steps would best harden an Oracle VM Server installation?

Answer :
  • Avoid installing additional software in dom0.
  • Do not share physical network cards between hosts that are on a different subnet.

Networking is not working for several guests on a particular host. Which two commands can help troubleshoot the networking?

Answer :
  • brctl show will show the status of each bridge, and which VIFs are connected to it. This canthen be used to determine which bridge is having problems.
  • ifconfig -a will show a list of all network interfaces and their current status, which will help determine which bridge is having problems.

Which three are part of the JeOS toolkit?

Answer :
  • Linux command to customize the JeOS images and create the template
  • JeOS license file
  • Template reconfiguration scripts

In a hardware virtualized environment, which answer best describes the drivers that are used in dom0 and the guest to communicate block I/O requests?

Answer :
  • QEMU emulation is used in dom0, and a blkfront driver is used in the guest.

When converting hardware virtualized machine to full PV, the guest falls to boot. What line in vm.cfq is likely leftover from the HVM configuration?

Answer :
  • builder=’hvm’

When using NFS, what technology is used to control locking on the NFS mount?

Answer :
  • Oracle VM uses the same DLM (distributed lock manager) for NFS as it does for OCFS2 partitions.

When creating a repository on an iSCSI LUN, how should the LUN be formatted?

Answer :
  • The LUN should be formatted with OCFS2 from a single node in the cluster.