Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the best use case for using the JeOS tools to build templates?

Answer :
  • Linux administrators looking for a command-line approach to template-building Linux templates

Which three statements are true about the server pool file system and creating a cluster server pool?

Answer :
  • It is OCFS2 formatted partition or container.
  • It stores cluster information.
  • It is used for global disk heartbeat.

Which server pool type required the use of NFS shares file storage repository?

Answer :
  • Un-clustered server pool

In a para-virtualized environment which network drivers are used in dom0 and guest VM to communicate between one another?

Answer :
  • The guest uses netfront and dom0 uses netbk

Prior to running to install the Oracle VM manager for OVM 3. Which three prerequisite items should be satisfied?

Answer :
  • Ensure that the OS software version met the minimum requirement of OVM Manager
  • Make sure that the /u01 directory has adequate space for the installation
  • Confirm that the network ports to be used are available and they are accessible through the firewall.

While trying to create a new virtual machine you are receiving an error from Oracle VM Manager. What log file does the manager write to?

Answer :
  • adminserver.log in the web logic server log directory

You are preparing to create the several virtual machines from a template for development team. Members have different need, which three capabilities can you provide using only Oracle VM Manager?

Answer :
  • Selecting which virtual disk will be cloned
  • A choice of thin cloning, sparse cloning and non-sparse cloning for virtual disk.
  • Propagating of target virtual machine to multiple servers in one operation.

What is the purpose of virtual machine network types?

Answer :
  • Provide a separate network for all users and application traffic to/from virtual machines

In which Oracle VM environment would you choose to increase the priority and processor cap % on one or more VMs?

Answer :
  • Where there are two Oracle VM servers sharing multiple VMs and workload and you wish to ensure that the VM running database server have higher CPU priority.