Oracle Linux 8: System Administration I Quiz Questions and Answers

An awk program can be run by?

Answer :
  • All of the mentioned

BASH shell stands for?

Answer :
  • Bourne-again Shell

Which of the following files will not be displayed by the command cat re* ?

Answer :
  • Receipt

When should programs be configured SUID root?

Answer :
  • Only when they require root privileges to do their job

From Vi’s command mode, you want to enter insert mode. How might you do this? (Select three)

Answer :
  • Type R.
  • Type i.
  • Type a.

Which of the following commands would you type to update the unzip program on a Fedora system to the latest version? (Select all that apply.)

Answer :
  • yum update unzip
  • yum upgrade unzip

You type jobs at a bash command prompt and receive a new command prompt with no intervening output. What can you conclude?

Answer :
  • No background processes are running that were launched from the shell you’re using.

Which of the following directories is most likely to be placed on its own hard disk partition?

Answer :
  • /home

You discover that an MBR hard disk has partitions with type codes of 0x0f, 0x82, and 0x83. Assuming these type codes are accurate, what can you conclude about the disk?

Answer :
  • The disk holds a partial or complete Linux system.

What mount point should you associate with swap partitions?

Answer :
  • None of the above