Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware Administration Ed 2 Quiz Questions and Answers

CSS typically determines node availability via communication through a dedicated private network with a ____________ used as a secondary communication mechanism.

Answer :
  • voting disk

Oracle Clusterware comprises two physical stacks:

Answer :
  • Cluster Ready Services technology stack
  • Oracle High Availability Services (OHAS) technology stack

Components of the Cluster Ready Services technology stack:

Answer :
  • Cluster Ready Services
  • Cluster Synchronization Services
  • Oracle ASM

Which of the following statements are not true?

Answer :
  • At least 4 GB of physical memory is needed.
  • A minimum of 3 GB of swap space is required.
  • At least 8 GB of local storage for the Grid Infrastructure software is needed on each node.

Configuring Shared GNS 1. Export GNS credentials on the GNS server cluster.

Answer :
  • srvctl export gns -clientdata /tmp/gnsclientdata

From a node that will remain, run the following as root to expire the Cluster Synchronization Service (CSS) lease on the node that you are deleting:

Answer :
  • crsctl unpin css -n host03

The script can generate fixup scripts to correct prerequisites for new nodes foran existing cluster.

Answer :

The automatic backup location should be changed to a location shared by all nodes.

Answer :
  • ocrconfig backuploc file_name

Which of the following tools cannot be used to manage Clusterware operations or Oracle resources?

Answer :
  • Oracle Universal Installer

Which of the following statements regarding the Oracle Local Registry (OLR) are true?

Answer :
  • Each cluster node has a local registry for node-specific resources.
  • One of the OLR functions is to facilitate Clusterware startup in situations where the ASM stores the OCR and voting disks.
  • You can check the status of the OLR by using ocrcheck.