Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware & RAC Admin Accelerated Quiz Questions and Answers

What components of the Grid should I back up?

Answer :
  • All of above

CSS typically determines node availability via communication through a dedicated private network with a ____________ used as a secondary communication mechanism.

Answer :
  • voting disk

What is Crash recovery?

Answer :
  • When an instance crashes in a single node database on startup a crash recovery takes place

What are the uses of RAC?

Answer :
  • Recoverability

Components of the OHAS technology stack. (Select all that apply)

Answer :
  • Appagent
  • Cluster Logger Service
  • Grid Plug and Play
  • Multicast Domain Name Service

What is Instance recovery?

Answer :
  • In a RAC environment the same recovery for an instance is performed by the surviving nodes called Instance recovery

What is the interconnect used for?

Answer :
  • A private N/W which is used to ship data blocks from one instance to another for cache fusion

What methods are available to keep the time synchronized on all nodes in the cluster?

Answer :
  • Both A and B

If your OCR is corrupted, what options do have to resolve this?

Answer :
  • Both

What is OCLUMON used for in a cluster environment?

Answer :
  • The Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) stores operating system metrics in the CHM repository for all nodes in a RAC cluster