Oracle Database 12c : Administration Workshop Quiz Questions and Answers

Your database backup scripts keep failing on the ALTER TABLESPACE BEGIN BACKUP command. Your junior DBA informs you that the failure is because the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode. Is he correct?

Answer :
  • No

What does the SCN represent?

Answer :
  • The system change number, which is a marker indicating a point in time relative to transactions within a given database.

Which command creates an image copy?

Answer :

Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) is enabled for your database instance. You execute the following command: SQL > ALTER SYSTEM SET DB_CACHE_SIZE = 100M; Which statement is true?

Answer :
  • It succeeds and the minimum size for the DEFAULT buffer pool is set to 100M.

Your database supports a DSS workload that involves the execution of complex queries: Currently, the library cache contains the ideal workload for analysis. You want to analyze some of the queries for an application that are cached in the library cache. What must you do to receive recommendations about the efficient use of indexes and materialized views to improve query performance?

Answer :
  • Create an STS that contains the queries cached in the library cache and run the SQL Access Advisor on the workload captured in the STS.

You notice a high number of waits for the db file scattered read and db file sequential read events in the recent Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) report. After further investigation, you find that queries are performing too many full table scans and indexes are not being used even though the filter columns are indexed. Identify three possible reasons for this.

Answer :
  • Missing or stale histogram statistics
  • High clustering factor for the indexes
  • High value for the DB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT parameter

Identify two correct statements about multitenant architectures.

Answer :
  • Multiple pluggable databases (PDBs) share certain multitenant container database (CDB) resources.
  • Patches are always applied at the CDB level.

Your database is open and the listener LISTENER is up. You issue the command: LSNRCTL > RELOAD - What is the effect of reload on sessions that were originally established by listener?

Answer :
  • The sessions are not affected and continue to function normally.

Examine the following command: SQL > DBMS_STATS. SET_TABLE_PREFS ('SH', 'CUSTOMERS', 'PUBLISH', 'false'); What is the effect of executing this command?

Answer :
  • Statistics subsequently gathered on the CUSTOMERS table are stored as pending statistics.

Which type of backup must be performed first with an incremental backup?

Answer :
  • Level 0