MS-55039: Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking Quiz Questions and Answers

What three of the following are the default aliases for the Get-ChildItem command?

Answer :
  • dir
  • gci
  • ls

Which two parameters does the Set-Alias cmdlet require?

Answer :
  • Name
  • Value

You are reviewing a script and see this statement: $DNS -ne "True ". What does the -ne check for?

Answer :
  • Inequality

Which command can enumerate a method on multiple objects?

Answer :
  • ForEach-Object

You want to display a list of the files and folders on the c: drive. Which command will you use?

Answer :
  • Get-ChildItem

Which of the following command is used to get child items in powershell?

Answer :
  • get-childitem

What are the types of format commands that can be used to Format data?

Answer :
  • All of the above

Which one of these is a double type variable?

Answer :
  • 2.36

Which character indicates a redirect that indicates that data is written or redirected to a file?

Answer :
  • >

What is the symbol for a pipe?

Answer :
  • |