MS-55039: Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking Quiz Questions and Answers

What do PowerShell cmdlets return?

Answer :
  • object

What PowerShell cmdlet will show you the commands you have typed previously?

Answer :
  • get-history

What PowerShell symbols represent the current object crossing the pipeline?

Answer :
  • $_

What symbols go around a Where-Object filter?

Answer :
  • { }

What information in get-help about a cmdlet's parameter do you look at to determine if an object can be passed to that cmdlet's parameter?

Answer :
  • Accept pipeline input?

If PowerShell allows a signed script to run, then PowerShell __________.

Answer :
  • A) Trusts the digital signature
    B) Trusts the digital signer
    C) Executes only the signed script
    All of the above

What cmdlet will read input from the user?

Answer :
  • read-host

What cmdlet is used to write output to the console?

Answer :
  • write-host

What cmdlet will allow you to run a single PowerShell command on one or more computers?

Answer :
  • invoke-command

What PowerShell cmdlet will list the roles and features installed on Windows?

Answer :
  • get-windowsfeature