Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Quiz Questions and Answers

_____ refers to forward the object one level or to the front of all objects.

Answer :
  • Bring to front

Press ___ to delete one character to the right.

Answer :
  • Delete

Press _____ to delete one character to the left.

Answer :
  • Backspace

Which of the following file format can be added to a PowerPoint show?

Answer :
  • All of these

Which of the following are actions you can assign to an action button or slide object ?

Answer :
  • A) Run a macro
    B) Play a sound
    C) Hyperlink
    All of the above

How can you create a uniform appearance by adding a background image to all slides?

Answer :
  • Edit the slide master

____ are special visual and sound effects contained in presentation graphics file.

Answer :
  • Animations

Which feature is to add a shadow behind the selected text?

Answer :
  • Text shadow

Press ___ to end a presentation.

Answer :
  • Esc