Microsoft Power Apps Quiz Questions and Answers

You can use formulas in Power Apps, for example, to format a text field in an app. Which application uses a similar formula language as Power Apps?

Answer :
  • Excel

Which three mobile platforms can you run apps built with Power Apps?

Answer :
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Which related technology allows you to connect to on-premise data?

Answer :
  • Gateways

Does Power Apps support running apps in a Browser?

Answer :
  • Yes

The Entities created in CDS are only for use with Model Driven Apps.

Answer :
  • False

Model-driven apps are built on top of which of the following data sources?

Answer :
  • CDS

To use the SharePoint connector, which plans should you use?

Answer :
  • Office 365/Dynamics 365

How to refresh the collection in Power Apps form? 

Answer :
  • Refresh(DataSource)

What are the two types of canvas that can be created within Power Apps?

Answer :
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

What do I need to do to allow users to use my new form?

Answer :
  • Publish my app