Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent Quiz Questions and Answers

Your company is restructuring because of a pending merger. As a result, you need to remove the HR Assistant position from your department until the merger is finalized. This may take up to nine months. Which action should you perform in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent?

Answer :
  • Put the position on hold

You have identified three candidates to advance to the Screening stage in the Attract modular app. Which two actions are supported by the major features in the Screening stage? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

Answer :
  • Schedule an interview
  • Enter candidate feedback

You are managing a new job using the online version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. You want to stay in communication with job candidates throughout the job selection process. At which step can job candidates receive their first email from Dynamics 365 for Talent?

Answer :
  • Once the job applicant has been manually added to the job

Your manager asks you to complete the setup for an award which should be allocated over time. The plan must be set up so that employees will receive 20% of their total awards every year for the next 5 years. What should you do?

Answer :
  • Create a vesting rule that controls the portion, fill in the cycle start date and the cycle end date, and add it to a Variable Compensation Plan

You are adding contacts to a welcome guide. Which category of recipients can you add?

Answer :
  • Any person, as long as they are users in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

A warehouse manager has been with the company for 30 years and is planning to retire in one month. A retirement transition is being prepared, and the HR administrator needs to add the tasks to the appropriate checklist. Which section of the Task Management Workspace should be used to perform this action?

Answer :
  • Offboarding

Company executives are concerned about falling sales and rising openness. They decide to freeze all new hiring for the next fiscal quarter. You need Id to apply the hiring freeze in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent to ensure 1MI hiring efforts do not continue Which form should you use to create a mass hiring freeze?

Answer :
  • Job type

Your company makes a change in their paid leave and absence plan. Any employee who works six years or more for the company will receive two extra paid holiday offs starting on January 1 of next year What should you do to make this change available?

Answer :
  • Set up a new leave and absence plan called "Paid holiday" with a start date of January 1 next year Add an accrual schedule, and enter the months of service as 72 months

You are an HR manager. Your company wants to use hours for time off accruals when absences are recorded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. What are two correct ways to accomplish this task?

Answer :
  • Use hours for time off accruals when this unit for leave and absence in the HR parameters is set on days
  • Switch between hours and days when absences .ire recorded in Dynamics 365 for Talent

You are preparing to set up and enroll employees in the benefit plans in Dynamics 365 for Talent. You need to start the process. Which two actions must you do first?

Answer :
  • Process an eligibility event
  • Set up eligibility policy parameters