macOS Support Essentials 10.15 (Catalina) Quiz Questions and Answers

When Time Machine backed up your file yesterday, the file was 5MB. Now that you've changed the file, it's 6MB. What does Time Machine do with the file at the next backup?

Answer :
  • Time Machine identifies the 1MB of file changes, copies those changes to a new file on the backup drive, and keeps both the new backup file and the original backup file

Which program allows administrators to manage the activation and setup of iOS devices?

Answer :
  • DEP

Which protocol is used to manage the Print service?

Answer :
  • AirPrint

_______ service is used to maintain a connection with device.

Answer :
  • APN

Is backup encrypted by default in Apple Configurator 2?

Answer :
  • No

What is the full form of VPP?

Answer :
  • Volume Purchase Program

Does MAC addresscontain characters?

Answer :
  • True

MAC address is of how many bits?

Answer :
  • 48bit

In Windows, the start button is used to______.

Answer :
  • A) run applications
    B) device settings
    C) turn off the system
    All of the above

What does an operating system do?

Answer :
  • Provides a user-friendly interface