LFCE: Linux Foundation Certified Engineer Quiz Questions and Answers

SELinux does not deny access, but denials are logged for actions that would have been denied if running in enforcing mode.

Answer :
  • Permmissive

Explanation :


What is a Shell?

Answer :
  • command interpreter

Which variable contains the current shell process id?

Answer :
  • $$

The /etc/passwd file doesn't contain which of the following?

Answer :
  • Password

Using what can a user change the default login shell?

Answer :
  • chsh

What can be used to feed the standard output of one command to the standard input of another in a single shell session?

Answer :
  • The pipe operator provided by the shell can be used.

Which of the following is true when a child's process exits before the parent's process exits?

Answer :
  • if parent process does not handle SIGCHILD,the child process becomes a zombie

Which command is used to bring the background process to the foreground?

Answer :
  • fg

Which is the only partition mounted in single user mode?

Answer :
  • root