L-120 Linux Fundamentals Quiz Questions and Answers

Which of the following commands can be used to copy files across systems?

Answer :
  • ftp

Which tar command option is used to list the files in a tape archive format?

Answer :
  • tvf

Which command changes a file’s group owner?

Answer :
  • chgrp

An awk program can be run by?

Answer :
  • All of the mentioned

BASH shell stands for?

Answer :
  • Bourne-again Shell

Which of the following files will not be displayed by the command cat re* ?

Answer :
  • Receipt

When should programs be configured SUID root?

Answer :
  • Only when they require root privileges to do their job

From Vi’s command mode, you want to enter insert mode. How might you do this? (Select three)

Answer :
  • Type R.
  • Type i.
  • Type a.

You’ve set your system (software) clock on a Linux-only computer to the correct time, and now you want to set the hardware clock to match. What command might you type to accomplish this goal?

Answer :
  • hwclock --utc --systohc

Which servers might you consider retiring after activating an SSH server? (Select two)

Answer :
  • Telnet
  • FTP