Kubernetes Fundamentals and Cluster Operations Quiz Questions and Answers

You have created a Docker bridge network on a host with three containers attached. How do you make this container accessible outside of the host?

Answer :
  • Use either EXPOSE or --publish to access the containers on the bridge network

Which is the false advantage of Docker?

Answer :
  • Docker provides a difficult set-up initially

What are the states of Docker containers?

Answer :
  • A) Running
    B) Paused
    C) Restarting
    All of the above

What does the FROM directive do?

Answer :
  • It sets a base image that can be used as a platform to begin builds.

Which of the following statement is correct? Pick exactly two statements.

Answer :
  • Image is a collection of immutable layers whereas container is a running instance of an image.
  • If multiple containers are spawned from the same image then they all use the same copy of the image in memory.

What is the purpose of the docker image prune command?

Answer :
  • Remove unused images

Kubernetes is a platform for_______.

Answer :
  • Running and scheduling container applications on a cluster

kubectl is ______.

Answer :
  • The Kubernetes CLI tool

What is Deployment?

Answer :
  • A Deployment is responsible for managing the desired state of your application

What would be the result of the following command? “kubectl exec -it my_pod_name bash”

Answer :
  • Open a console on the first container inside the my_pod_name