Java EE 7: Back-end Server Application Development Ed 2 Quiz Questions and Answers

Which of the following are parts of the Java EE 7 Web Profile? (Select all that apply.

Answer :
  • Web Services
  • JSPs
  • Servlets

Which of the following are Java EE component containers? (Select all that apply.)

Answer :
  • EJB Container
  • Web Container

Which of the following concepts is not associated with security?

Answer :
  • Inheritance

Which of the following is not a Java file package type?

Answer :
  • TAR

Complete the following custom annotation declaration: public @__________ MyAnnotation {}

Answer :
  • interface

What is the purpose of WSDL in a web service?

Answer :
  • A web service takes the help of WSDL to describe the availability of service.

Which of the following are the benefits of having XML-based WEB services?

Answer :
  • Both A and B

Web services components are written in which Markup Language?

Answer :
  • XML

Which component of Web Services acts as a directory?

Answer :
  • UDDI

What are the three functions provided by an EJB container?

Answer :
  • Provides timer services
  • Manages the life cycle of EJB components
  • Encapsulates access to external resources