Introduction to Word 2016 Quiz Questions and Answers

What does the spelling and grammar tool do?

Answer :
  • A)  Indicates grammatical errors
    B)  Corrects spelling errors as you type
    C)  Identifies words with capitalization problems
     All of the above

Which Is Not A Font Style ?

Answer :
  •  Superscript

Landscape Is ?

Answer :
  •  Page Orientation

What is the default page orientation of a Word document?

Answer :
  •  Portrait

To Spell Check Which Function Key You Will Press ?

Answer :
  •  F7

How To Insert A Sound File In Word Document ?

Answer :
  •  From Insert - > Object Menu Option

What Is Smallest And Largest Available Font On Formatting Toolbar ?

Answer :
  • Smallest 8 And Largest 72

What Shortcut Will We Use To Align Centre ?

Answer :
  •  Ctrl + E

How To Use Format Painter Multiple Times ?

Answer :
  • By Double Click On The Format Painter Icon

What is the process of removing an unwanted part of an image called?

Answer :
  • Cropping