Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals Quiz Questions and Answers

Which two fields are available when creating an endpoint on the context visibility page of Cisco IS? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • Policy Assignment
  • Identity Group Assignment

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A malicious user gained network access by spoofing printer connections that were authorized using MAB on four different switch ports at the same time. Which two catalyst switch security features will prevent further violations?

Answer :
  • DHCP Snooping
  • Dynamic ARP inspection

Which two attack vectors are protected by Malware Protection? (Choose Two)

Answer :
  • Email
  • Mobile

What are two rootkit types? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • bootloader
  • user mode

What does the dot1x system-auth-control command do?

Answer :
  • globally enables 802.1x

Which command displays all 802 1X/MAB sessions that are active on the switch ports of a Cisco Catalyst switch?

Answer :
  • Show authentication sessions

What percent of threats did ASA with FilePOWER block that earned AMP the highest security effectiveness scores in third-party testing?

Answer :
  • 99.2percent

What are three main areas of the Cisco Security Portfolio? (Choose Three)

Answer :
  • loT Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Advanced Threat

What are two components of the posture requirement when configuring the Cisco ISE posture? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • remediation actions
  • conditions

What is a method for transporting security group tags throughout the network?

Answer :
  • by the Security Group Tag Exchange Protocol