Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices Using Cisco Platforms (DEVOPS) v1.0 Quiz Questions and Answers

Which two statements about development and operations are true ? (Choose Two)

Answer :
  • Developers care about writing software
  • The Network Operations team cares about software standards and stability.

What does CI/CD stands for ?

Answer :
  • continuous integration/continuous delivery/deployment

What is an example of a CI/CD orchestrator?

Answer :
  • Jenkins

How is a container different from a virtual machine ?

Answer :
  • Containers share a single operating system kernel.

What does IaC stands for ?

Answer :
  • Infrastructure as Code

What does CALMS stands for ?

Answer :
  • culture, automation, lean, measurement, sharing

What is one benefit of monitoring ?

Answer :
  • DevOps includes many automated processes in CI/CD, especially with containers.

What is one example of a CALMS measurement in DevOps ?

Answer :
  • MTTR

What are three properties of container ? (Choose Three)

Answer :
  • application sandbox
  • low overhead
  • independent namespaces

Which kernel does a container use ?

Answer :
  • the kernel of the operating system on which the container is running