Implementing Cisco Multicast (MCAST) v2.0 Quiz Questions and Answers

How many version of igmp are available ?

Answer :
  • 3

How do multicast applications learn about available sessions? (Select all that apply)

Answer :
  • <p>via announcements about a well-known group</p>
  • via directory server
  • via web page
  • via email

Which Cisco IOS Software command is used to display Cisco Group Management Protocol statistics? (Source: Working with Cisco Group Management Protocol)

Answer :
  • show cgmp statistics

Which protocol does the host use to tell routers about group membership? (Source: Mapping Layer 3 to Layer 2)

Answer :
  • igmp

Which IP multicast address is used by the PIMv2 protocol? (Source: Mapping Layer 3 to Layer 2)

Answer :

What is ttl value of igmp?

Answer :
  • 1

What is the default time of igmp query interval?

Answer :
  • 60 sec

What is the command to config igmp query interval?

Answer :
  • router(config-if)#ip igmp query-interval

What is the command to configure igmp version?

Answer :
  • router(config-if)#ip igmp version 1|2|3

What is the default igmp version in cisco router on ios?

Answer :
  • version 2