Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS) 3.0 Quiz Questions and Answers

Which of the following is responsible for the Label Distribution Protocol?

Answer :
  • control plane

Which protocol can only attach a label for the ipv4 prefix?

Answer :
  • ldp

Why summarization is not recommended in Mpls Network ?

Answer :
  • this can break lsp path

What is the command to configure mpls router-id?

Answer :
  • mpls ldp router-id interface

What is the command to verify lfib table?

Answer :
  • show mpls forwarding-table

Which command is used to debug mpls packets?

Answer :
  • debug mpls packets

What is the command to configure mpls on interface?

Answer :
  • mpls ip

What are the type of ospf LSa ?

Answer :
  • type 5
  • type 7
  • type 3

On which point I can do summarization in ospf?

Answer :
  • abr
  • asbr

What is header size of mpls Packet in a byte?

Answer :
  • 4