Implementing Cisco HyperFlex (DCIHX) v1.3 Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the maximum size of an HXDP cluster running 3.5.1?

Answer :
  • 64 nodes

A Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) is an Ubuntu Linux VM that lives outside the converged data platform on the housekeeping drive since it is involved in creating the convergence data platform. Which two features for CVMs are valid? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • It needs network access to ESXi other CVMs, and management network
  • It is installed automatically by the HyperFlex installer, configured through the installer

Which hyper-converged appliance did EMC launch to replace VSPEX BLUE?

Answer :
  • VxRail

HyperFlex compute nodes contribute what percentage of the overall disk storage capacity?

Answer :
  • 0%

What is required to cluster a pair of Fabric Interconnects?

Answer :
  • Connection between the Fl pair using ports L1 and L2

Which Cisco UCS Server running HXDP supports the largest storage pool?

Answer :
  • HX 240

Which version of HXDP was the first to support multiple VICs on a single server?

Answer :
  • HXDP 3.5.1

The process of optimizing information is tightly tied to the writing process as it is performed inline as the writing process is being performed The process of data optimization is performed with which two processes? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • The primary CVM compresses the data, writes it to its cache drive and mirrors it
  • On write, the local lOVisor sends the write to the primary CVM for that block

In all HX server types, where are capacity drives installed?

Answer :
  • Front