Implementing Automation in ACI (ACI-AUTO) Quiz Questions and Answers

Which attribute should be configured for each user to enable RADIUS for external authentication in Cisco ACI?

Answer :
  • Cisco-av-pair

Which protocol does ACI use to securely save the configuration in a remote location?

Answer :
  • SCP

What represents the unique identifier of an ACI object?

Answer :
  • Distinguished name

Which tenant is used when configuring in-band management IP addresses for Cisco APICs, leaf nodes, and spine nodes?

Answer :
  • mgmt

When configuring Cisco ACI VMM domain integration with VMware vCenter, which object is created in vCenter?

Answer :
  • VMware vSphere Distributed Switch

What must be configured to redistribute externally learned OSPF routes within the ACI fabric?

Answer :
  • BGP Route Reflector

Which two dynamic routing protocols are supported when using Cisco ACI to connect to an external Layer 3 network? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • iBGP
  • eBGP

On which two interface types should a user configure storm control to protect against broadcast traffic? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • port channel on a single leaf switch
  • endpoint-facing trunk interface

When Cisco ACI connects to an outside Layers 2 network, where does the ACI fabric flood the STP BPDU frame?

Answer :
  • within the access encap VLAN

Which two actions extend a Layer 2 domain beyond the ACI fabric? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • extending the bridge domain out of the ACI fabric
  • extending the EPG out of the ACI fabric