Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR) Quiz Questions and Answers

What are two default Cisco IOS privilege levels? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • 1
  • 15

What are the three basic security requirements of network security?

Answer :
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity

Risk is a function of which three factors?

Answer :
  • Threat
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Impact

Which countermeasure can an organization employ to improve the confidentiality of data that is transmitted by users and devices?

Answer :
  • Use encyption between sending and receiving parties

Which two options might be considered attack surfaces in the network environment?

Answer :
  • Open ports
  • Use of Telnet

Which type of a common security threat can be solved by patching the operating system or hardware device?

Answer :
  • Known vulnerabilities

Which description of the AES encryption algorithm is true?

Answer :
  • lt uses the block of 128 bits

Which three of the following Cisco VPN technologies allow for secure transport and encryption of multicast traffic? (Choose three)

Answer :
  • FlexVPN

Which three HTTP methods are supported by a REST API? (Choose three)

Answer :
  • GET
  • PUT
  • POST

VPNs use encryption techniques to maintain security and privacy that communicate remotely via a public network.

Answer :
  • True