HCIA-Routing & Switching Quiz Questions and Answers

Two routers establish an IPsec tunnel, which of the following does not need to be the same on both peering devices?

Answer :
  • Proposal name

Which of the following commands can switch a view from the system view to the user view?

Answer :
  • Quit

The network administrator has decided to configure link aggregation in the enterprise network. Which of the following represent advantages of link aggregation? (Choose three)

Answer :
  • Load balancing.
  • Improved bandwidth.
  • Enhanced reliability.

The users who log on the router through Telnet are not permitted to configure IP address. What is the possible reason?

Answer :
  • Privilege level of Telnet is set incorrectly.

The administrator wishes to manage a network through telnet from a user's terminal to a router. How can this be achieved?

Answer :
  • A connection should be established between the ethernet port of the terminal and the ethernet port of therouter.

Whilst configuring a device, an administrator experiences trouble remembering certain commands. Which of the following will help support the administrator? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • TAB
  • questionmark

Which of the following commands is used to enable dynamic address mapping protocol in the interface encapsulated with Frame Relay?

Answer :
  • fr inarp

According to OSI reference model, which layer is responsible for end to end error checking and flow control?

Answer :
  • Transport layer

Which authentication modes does AAA support? (Choose three).

Answer :
  • None
  • Local
  • Radius

A user accesses a server supporting AAA, for which the authorization mode on the AAA server has been configured using the command “authorization-mode hwtacacs if-authenticated”. Which of the following statements regarding this command are true? (Choose three).

Answer :
  • If the hwtacacs server fails to respond, the user will be authenticated using local authentication.
  • If the hwtacacs server fails to respond, the user will be authenticated using remote authentication.
  • The hwtacacs server will authorize the user.