HCIA-Routing & Switching Quiz Questions and Answers

Two routers establish an IPsec tunnel, which of the following does not need to be the same on both peering devices?

Answer :
  • Proposal name

Which authentication modes does AAA support? (Choose three).

Answer :
  • None
  • Local
  • Radius

A user accesses a server supporting AAA, for which the authorization mode on the AAA server has been configured using the command “authorization-mode hwtacacs if-authenticated”. Which of the following statements regarding this command are true? (Choose three).

Answer :
  • If the hwtacacs server fails to respond, the user will be authenticated using local authentication.
  • If the hwtacacs server fails to respond, the user will be authenticated using remote authentication.
  • The hwtacacs server will authorize the user.

Which of the following descriptions regarding eSight is not correct?

Answer :
  • eSight supports only Huawei devices

An Ethernet port can work one of three duplex modes, whereas an Optical Ethernet port only supports one single mode. Which of the following represents this mode?

Answer :
  • Full-duplex

Which of the following types can ICMP packets be classified into? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • ICMP error reporting packet
  • ICMP query packet

On VRP platform, which of the following parameters can be used together with the "ping " command to specify the source address of an echo request message?

Answer :
  • A

Host A has been connected to switch A and configured with an IP address. When Host A initially forwards a frame, what action will be taken by Switch A?

Answer :
  • Switch A will attempt to flood the frame to all ports except for the G0/0/1 interface.

A server is linked to port interface G0/0/1 of a switch. The administrator wishes to allow only this server to be linked to this interface on the switch. Which method can be used to achieve this?

Answer :
  • Configure a static MAC address binding entry of the server’s MAC address and the interface in the switch.

The users who log on the router through Telnet are not permitted to configure IP address. What is the possible reason?

Answer :
  • Privilege level of Telnet is set incorrectly.