Greenplum Certification Training Course Overview

This training in Greenplum will guide you to learn its database concepts from basic level to advanced level. Before knowing about this training course, we should also see some of the basic concepts of Greenplum. This course is basically based on postgresql. Greenplum database is a massively parallel processing (MPP). By using postgresql, Greenplum had started building their own features. Major and basic difference between postgresql and Greenplum is, post will be on safe server like RAM and CPU. Whereas in Greenplum is a big data, which means basically we can go through a terabytes. This training is nothing but a shared architecture and also data loading is much and much faster it.


  • System Administrators
  • System Developers
  • Any profession who can regulate and manage a Greenplum Database
  • To possess a basic knowledge in SQL information for getting database object

Greenplum Course schedule & Prices

Course Details Schedule
Live Virtual Classroom (Instructor-Led)
Duration : 5 Days (10 Days for 4 Hours/Day)
Fee : On Request
9 AM - 5 PM (Flexible Time Slots for 4 hours option)

Client's Location
As per mutual convenience
Classroom Training (Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : On Request
Fee : On Request
On Request

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Course Prerequisites

  • A basic knowledge about Greenplum
  • Essential knowledge in LINUX or UNIX

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to accomplish:

  • Will be knowing how to install, configure and manage a Greenplum Database
  • Learn fundamentals of Data warehousing
  • Implementation of security and accessing the system
  • Identifying, investigating and resolving the exhibition issue in Greenplum Database framework 
  • To Understand the Parallel Query Execution in Greenplum.
  • Creating and manage Databases, tables, and outlines in Greenplum.
  • Gaining more information about stacking procedures and reinforcement strategies which are used in Greenplum database framework.

This course helps specifically those individuals that have previously attended General Greenplum training or are enthusiastically using Greenplum . It also enhances the knowledge on Hardware Maintenance including DCA review, Data Loading, Advanced Partitioning.