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SQL Querying: Fundamentals

Module 1: Executing a Simple Query
  • Connect to the SQL Database using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Query a Database using the SELECT Statement
  • Query a Database using the SELECT Statement
  • Modify and Execute a Saved Query
  • Use the WHERE Clause to Search and Filter Data using One or More Conditions
  • Use the WHERE Clause to Search for a Range of Values with BETWEEN and IN Clauses
  • Search Text Data Based on Patterns using the LIKE Operator
  • Format and Manipulate Dates using Date Functions
  • Summarize Data using Aggregate Functions Like COUNT, SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX
  • Use Functions to Manipulate String Values
  • Sort Data using the ORDER BY Clause
  • Rank Data with the RANK and DENSE_RANK Clauses
  • Group Data with the GROUP BY Clause
  • Filter Grouped Data using the HAVING Clause
  • Summarize Grouped Data using ROLLUP and CUBE Clauses
  • Use PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators
  • Combine the Results of Two Queries with the UNION Statement
  • Compare the Results of Two Queries with the INTERSECT and EXCEPT Statements
  • Query Data from Multiple Tables using the JOIN Clause

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Q1. How long do you have access to Flexi after purchase?

A. 3 months from date of delivery.

Q2. Can the content be shared or is it only available for one user?

A. It is only for the self-use of the purchaser.

Q3. Do you have business packages that you offer to companies that would make use of these packages on a regular basis?

A. Yes, contact us for corporate packages.

Q4. What is the pass rate of students that used Flexi as their method of preparation?

A. We do not track the pass rate of Flexi students. We, however suspect that it will be lower than for Live Online.

Q5. If we buy Flexi today, and there are any updates in the course, do we get the updated recordings as well or do we need to repurchase Flexi?

A. If the latest update comes within 3 months after the sale we can give the updated version.

Q6. Can we download the videos or we stream them online?

A. Videos can only be streamed and not downloaded.

Q7. Do you have courses in languages other than English?

A. Presently Flexi is only available in English.

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