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MODULE 1: Overview
  • What is CMS? Why do we need one?
  • What is Sitecore? and how did it evolve from CMS to Experience Platform
  • Sitecore Overview (Products, Community, Portals & Developer Trail Program)
  • Quick look at Sitecore client & Hello World Example with simple content update
  • Sitecore Installation on local machine
  • Sitecore Installation - Places it affects
  • Sitecore simple architecture
  • Sample page creation
  • Field Types
  • Templates - Types, Inheritance, Standard Values
  • Content Items – Structure
  • Presentation - Layouts, Renderings, and Placeholders
  • Sitecore API*
  • Outputting Content on web pages
  • Exploring Experience Editor
  • Sample Components*
  • Publishing
  • Package Designer and Installation Wizard
  • Multi-language
  • Configurations and Config Patches
  • Multi-site implementation
  • Security – Roles, Users, Workflows
  • Serialization – Ways to do (Unicorn Implementation)
  • Buckets
  • Search and Indexing using SOLR*
  • Visual Studio Solution Setup – Outside webroot
  • Pipelines and Processors*
  • Basic understanding of Helix principles
  • Look at Habitat Demo site
  • Visual Studio Solution Setup in HELIX ways*
  • Project Lifecycle (Development, Testing, & Deployment)
  • Server Roles and scaling
  • Sitecore Best Practices
  • Introduction to Experience Marketing
  • Experience Analytics
  • Experience Profile
  • FXM
  • Campaigns - What, Why & How
  • Sitecore Goals - What, Why & How
  • Personalization
  • xConnect*
  • Understand Headless CMS
  • Get to know about JSS
  • Install JSS
  • Create JSS App
  • Understand JSS Folder Structure
  • Create Component*
  • Deploy JSS App to Sitecore Instance
  • Experience Editor for JSS
  • Layout Services
  • Form*
  • Personalization to JSS App
  • Experience Analytics details for JSS App

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