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20761C:Querying Data with Transact-SQL 2016

Includes 290+ Tests Questions (Qubits42)
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Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Lesson 1: The Basic Architecture of SQL Server
  • Lesson 2: SQL Server Editions and Versions
  • Lesson 3: Getting Started with SQL Server Management Studio
  • Lab: Working with SQL Server 2016 Tools
  • Lesson 1: Introducing T-SQL
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Sets
  • Lesson 3: Understanding Predicate Logic
  • Lesson 4: Understanding the Logical Order of Operations in SELECT Statements
  • Lab: Introduction to T-SQL Querying
  • Lesson 1: Writing Simple SELECT Statements
  • Lesson 2: Eliminating Duplicates with DISTINCT
  • Lesson 3: Using Column and Table Aliases
  • Lesson 4: Writing Simple CASE Expressions
  • Lab: Writing Basic SELECT Statements
  • Lesson 1: Understanding Joins
  • Lesson 2: Querying with Inner Joins
  • Lesson 3: Querying with Outer Joins
  • Lesson 4: Querying with Cross Joins and Self Joins
  • Lab: Querying Multiple Tables
  • Lesson 1: Sorting Data
  • Lesson 2: Filtering Data with Predicates
  • Lesson 3: Filtering Data with TOP and OFFSET-FETCH
  • Lesson 4: Working with Unknown Values
  • Lab: Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Lesson 1: Introducing SQL Server 2016 Data Types
  • Lesson 2: Working with Character Data
  • Lesson 3: Working with Date and Time Data
  • Lab: Working with SQL Server 2016 Data Types
  • Lesson 1: Adding Data to Tables
  • Lesson 2: Modifying and Removing Data
  • Lesson 3: Generating Automatic Column Values
  • Lab: Using DML to Modify Data
  • Lesson 1: Writing Queries with Built-In Functions
  • Lesson 2: Using Conversion Functions
  • Lesson 3: Using Logical Functions
  • Lesson 4: Using Functions to Work with NULL
  • Lab: Using Built-in Functions
  • Lesson 1: Using Aggregate Functions
  • Lesson 2: Using the GROUP BY Clause
  • Lesson 3: Filtering Groups with HAVING
  • Lab: Grouping and Aggregating
  • Lesson 1: Writing Self-Contained Subqueries
  • Lesson 2: Writing Correlated Subqueries
  • Lesson 3: Using the EXISTS Predicate with Subqueries
  • Lab: Using Subqueries
  • Lesson 1: Using Views
  • Lesson 2: Using Inline TVFs
  • Lesson 3: Using Derived Tables
  • Lesson 4: Using CTEs
  • Lab: Using Table Expressions
  • Lesson 1: Writing Queries with the UNION Operator
  • Lesson 2: Using EXCEPT and INTERSECT
  • Lesson 3: Using APPLY
  • Lab: Using Set Operators
  • Lesson 1: Creating Windows with OVER
  • Lesson 2: Exploring Window Functions
  • Lab: Using Window Ranking, Offset, and Aggregate Functions
  • Lesson 1: Writing Queries with PIVOT and UNPIVOT
  • Lesson 2: Working with Grouping Sets
  • Lab: Pivoting and Grouping Sets
  • Lesson 1: Querying Data with Stored Procedures
  • Lesson 2: Passing Parameters to Stored Procedures
  • Lesson 3: Creating Simple Stored Procedures
  • Lesson 4: Working with Dynamic SQL
  • Lab: Executing Stored Procedures
  • Lesson 1: T-SQL Programming Elements
  • Lesson 2: Controlling Program Flow
  • Lab: Programming with T-SQL
  • Lesson 1: Implementing T-SQL Error Handling
  • Lesson 2: Implementing Structured Exception Handling
  • Lab: Implementing Error Handling
  • Lesson 1: Transactions and the Database Engine
  • Lesson 2: Controlling Transactions
  • Lab: Implementing Transactions

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