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Python for Machine Learning


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Download Course Contents
Module 1: Introduction to Python and Basics
  • Definition & Applications
  • Features, Versions & Working
  • Anaconda & Different IDEs for Python
  • Introduction to IDE's - Jupiter Notebook, Spyder & Google Colab
  • Literals, reserved words and input functions
  • Data Types: int, float, bool, str
  • Decision Control Flows: If / Nested If / If-else / If-elif-else
  • Control Flow Loops: While loop, For loop, While-else, For-else
  • Operators: Arithmetic, Relational or Comparison, Logical
  • Bitwise Operators, Assignment Operators, Ternary Operator
  • List: Ways of Accessing Values, Traversing Elements, List Operations, List Methods, Membership Operator, List Comprehension
  • Tuples: Creating Tuples, Ways of Accessing Values, Tuple Vs Immutability, Tuple Comprehension
  • Sets: Creating Sets, Ways of Accessing Values, Manipulating and Accessing Sets, Set Operations
  • Dictionary: Why Dictionary, creating a Dictionary, Accessing Values, Updating Dictionaries, Functions of Dictionary
  • File Handling: Types of Files, Opening and Closing Files, Writing, Appending, and Reading Files
  • Strings: String Literals, Single ('') & Double Quotes (""), Triple Quotes ('''), Raw Strings ("r'…' ") and Operations on strings
  • Dictionary: Accessing Values, Updating Dictionaries, Functions of Dictionary
  • Iterator vs Iterable, Containers, Generators in Python
  • Uses of Regular Expressions - Text Analytics, import re, Character Classes, Backslash, Alteration, Quantifiers
  • Class, Classes and Object, Creating Object, Accessing Objects, Need and Use of Self, Class Method, __init__() constructor
  • Introduction to NumPy, Install NumPy
  • Array Creation, Array Reshaping, Indexing, Operations
  • Introduction to Pandas, Slicing Data, Slicing DataFrame
  • Filtering DataFrame, Transforming DataFrame, Advanced Indexing
  • Data Cleaning Techniques, Handling Missing Data, Handling Categorical Data
  • Introduction to EDA, 2D Scatter-plot, 3D Scatter-plot, Pair plots
  • Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Analysis, Box-plot
  • Variance and Standard Deviation, Median, IQR (Interquartile Range)
  • Advanced Pandas, Advanced Indexing, Data Preparation
  • Handling Missing Data, handling Categorical Data, Data Cleaning
  • Introduction to Data Visualization, Plotting with Matplotlib
  • Scatter Plots, Line Plots, Bar Plots, Pie Charts, Heatmaps
  • Problem Statement, Data Collection, Data pre-processing (Exploratory Data Analysis), Feature Engineering (optional), Data visualizations (Pandas, NumPy & Matplotlib), Project Final Outcome & findings
Madhushruti Sharma



Microsoft:55264-A: Introduction to Programming Using PythonMicrosoft:55284A: Introduction to Python
Microsoft:55285A: Advanced PythonKoenig Original:A Day In Python
Open Source:advanced Python for Machine LearningOpen Source:Advanced Python Programming
Open Source:API Design with PythonPython Institute:Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP)
Python Institute:Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (PCEP)Open Source:Complete Python Developer: Zero to Mastery
Open Source:Computer Vision Course with OpenCVKoenig Original:Data Analysis using Pandas
Koenig Original:Data Analytics and Statistical Modeling for Business InsightsOpen Source:Data Science with Python
Open Source:Data Structures and Algorithms in PythonCisco:Developing Solutions Using Cisco IoT and Edge Platforms (DEVIOT)
Open Source:DjangoOpen Source:Django (High Level Python Web Framework)
Open Source:Introduction to Data ScienceDatabricks:Introduction to Python for Data Science & Data Engineering

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