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55133A: PowerShell for System Center Configuration Manager Administrators


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Module 1: Review of System Center Configuration Manager Concepts
  • Architecture of an System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Installation
  • Managing Assets
  • Content Delivery and Management
  • Security, Monitoring, and Remote Management
  • Install SQL Server 2012 SP 1
  • Install Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP 1
  • Review the Administration Workspace
  • Review the Assets and Compliance Workspace
  • Looking at the Software Library
  • Review the Monitoring Workspace
  • Describe the key components of a System Center Configuration Manager installation.
  • Explain the inventory and software usage monitoring functionality.
  • Describe how the software distribution, software update, and operating system deployment features of SCCM deliver content to devices and users.
  • Show how security roles and scopes allow for distributed administration.
  • Obtain detailed information about system or component status, results from deployments and overall SCCM monitoring.
  • Explain the remote management functionality
  • Implementing Discovery
  • Organizing Resources with Collections
  • Working with Boundaries
  • Configuring Discovery
  • Creating Collections
  • Working with Boundaries and Boundary Groups
  • Obtain details on the discovery methods configured in your site and make modifications to those methods
  • Invoke an on-demand discovery cycle.
  • Create and populate device and user collections.
  • Gather details on collection memberships and force immediate collection membership evaluation.
  • Manually create site boundaries and configure discovery to automate boundary creation.
  • Create, populate and modify boundary groups
  • Installing the Configuration Manager Client
  • Managing Client Settings
  • Managing Client Operations
  • Monitoring Client Status
  • Install the Configuration Manager client
  • Managing Client Settings
  • Managing Client Operations
  • Monitoring Client Status
  • Configure the client push installation method.
  • Perform a client installation using a client push installation.
  • Manage the default client settings.
  • Create, modify and deploy custom client device and user settings.
  • Notify clients of policy changes and manage client operations.
  • Configure client status settings and refresh client status statistics.
  • Configure the Software Distribution Components
  • Working with Distribution Points
  • Creating Content for Distribution
  • Deploying Software Applications
  • Extending the Infrastructure
  • Configuring a Legacy Package for Distribution
  • Deploying a Windows Installer Application
  • Implementing New Features of Configuration Manager
  • Configure the software distribution component
  • Create and modify on-premises distribution points.
  • Create software packages and programs.
  • Create applications and deployment types.
  • Transfer or refresh the content on distribution points.
  • Implement new features of the application model of Configuration Manager 2012.
  • Deploy software programs and applications.
  • Configure a simulated application deployment.
  • Integrating Configuration Manager and WSU
  • Managing Updates through Software Update Grou
  • Creating and Deploying Update Packa
  • Working with Automatic Deployment R
  • Preparing the Environment for Software Up
  • Deploy U
  • Create an Automatic Deployme
  • Link Windows Server Update Services and System Center 2012 R2 Config
  • Manager by creating a Software Update
  • Synchronize updates between WSUS an
  • Gather information on updates and organize them into software update g
  • Create and manage software update deplo
  • Create automatic deployment
  • Creating Compliance Settings Objects
  • Deploying and Monitor the Baseline
  • Creating Compliance Settings Objects
  • Deploy and Monitor the Baseli
  • Create and modify configuration items
  • Create, populate and deploy configuration baselines
  • Establish a baseline compliance summarization schedul
  • Force an immediate baseline compliance summarizati
  • Preparing the OSD Environm
  • Working with Task Sequen
  • Creating Required OSD Obj
  • Prepare the Task Sequence
  • Create and modify boot images.
  • Import drivers into your site.
  • Create and populate driver packages.
  • Create operating system images and operating system installer images
  • Create, modify and deploy task sequences.
  • Modify the Site
  • Adding Site System Roles
  • Adding a Secondary Site
  • Modifying the Site Configuratio
  • Adding Site System Rol
  • Modify the properties of a primary site
  • Configure Wake On LAN
  • Modify site maintenance task
  • Configure email notification for alert
  • Add additional site system role
  • Deploy a secondary sit
  • Configuring Role Based Administration
  • Implementing Endpoint Protection
  • Configuring Monitoring Options
  • Configuring Role Based Administration
  • Configuring Anti-Malware Protection
  • Modifying Monitoring Options
  • Copy and modify security roles.
  • Create security scopes.
  • Create administrative users.
  • Add security roles and scopes to administrative users.
  • Create an Endpoint Protection Point site system role.
  • Create, modify and deploy antimalware policies.
  • Start an on-demand antimalware scan.
  • Modify the scan results summarization schedule and force immediate summarization.
  • Modify status summarizers.
  • Create status filter rules.
  • Create and manage in-console alerts and alert subscriptions.
  • Create and manage status message queries.
  • Review of Scripting Constructs
  • Introduction to the Configuration Manager WMI Classes
  • Establishing the Infrastructure
  • Deploy Software
  • Run the Full Script
  • Write PowerShell scripts to automate SCCM tasks
Ashok Pandey



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