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Introduction to Perl Programming

Includes 120+ Tests Questions (Qubits42)
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Module 1: Introduction to Perl
  • Introduction
  • Getting and Installing Perl
  • Perl Syntax
  • Perl Variables
  • Writing a simple Perl program
  • Running Perl programs
  • Introduction
  • Working with Scalar Data
  • Working with strings
  • Working with numbers
  • Working with floats
  • Introduction
  • Creating arrays
  • Accessing arrays via indices
  • Creating lists
  • Performing assignment with lists
  • Converting arrays into strings
  • Using the foreach loop on arrays and lists
  • Understanding scalar and list context
  • Introduction
  • Hashes defined and demonstrated
  • Accessing hash elements
  • Working with hash functions
  • Introduction
  • Subroutine definitions
  • Calling subroutines
  • Working with subroutine return values
  • Subroutine arguments
  • Using variable-length parameter lists
  • Using the return operator
  • Private variables in subroutines
  • If..Else
  • For
  • Foreach
  • While
  • Until
  • Do..while
  • next
  • last
  • continue
  • redo
  • goto
  • Introduction
  • Receiving input from standard input
  • Sending output to standard output
  • Using printf to format output
  • Working with filehandles
  • Working with files and directories
  • Handling fatal errors with die
  • Using unless, warn, carp, cluck, croak, confess
  • Using ternary operator
  • Introduction
  • Regular expressions defined
  • Working with simple patterns
  • Working with character classes
  • Matching using m//
  • Working with match modifiers
  • Working with the binding operator
  • Working with match variables
  • Matching in list context
  • Performing substitutions using s///

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A. Yes, contact us for corporate packages.

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A. We do not track the pass rate of Flexi students. We, however suspect that it will be lower than for Live Online.

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A. If the latest update comes within 3 months after the sale we can give the updated version.

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A. Videos can only be streamed and not downloaded.

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A. Presently Flexi is only available in English.

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