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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations
Power Packed 09:08 Hours (Edited from 16 hours of video content) Recorded on 25-Aug-21

Includes 160+ Tests Questions (Qubits42)
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Module 1: Course Overview
  • Learning Objectives
  • Module Overview
  • Use common functionality and implementation tools.
  • Describe uses cases for, and capabilities of, workspaces.
  • Use and personalize operational workspaces.
  • Describe case management.
  • Describe global address book features and their use cases.
  • Identify the inquiry and report types available in a default installation.
  • Describe use cases for the business document management and electronic reporting features.
  • Work with business document management.
  • Navigate and efficiently use search filtering and create search queries.
  • Understand and use record templates.
  • Describe use cases for Power Platform apps and services.
  • Identify when to use Power Platform in the Dynamics 365 Finance app
  • Integrate Power BI with Dynamics 365 Finance apps.
  • Introduction
  • Identify and use common Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps features and functionality
  • Describe use cases for Power Platform apps and services
  • Module Summary
  • Lab : Work with an operational workspace
  • Lab : Prepare, enable, and use Business document management
  • Lab : Perform searches and work with filters
  • Lab : Create search queries and save for future use
  • Lab : Work with record templates
  • Distinguish between roles, duties, privileges, and permissions.
  • Apply security roles to users.
  • Describe segregation of duties
  • Run and analyze security reports
  • Create and use workflow for approval.
  • Configure workflow properties and elements.
  • Set up and configure legal entities and operating units.
  • Configure and troubleshoot number sequences.
  • Create an organization hierarchy and assign purpose
  • Describe and apply user options.
  • Configure document handling for attachments.
  • Configure print management and form setup features.
  • Describe use cases for the Microsoft Excel Workbook Designer and the Microsoft Dynamics Office add-in.
  • Configure email (SMTP/Exchange)
  • Create and maintain email templates
  • Use the personalization feature.
  • Set up and monitor batch jobs and alerts
  • Introduction
  • Implement security
  • Design and create workflows
  • Configure Organization administration features
  • Configure System administration features
  • Module Summary
  • Lab : Create users and assign security roles
  • Lab : Set up segregation of duties
  • Lab : Run a security report and analyze the output
  • Lab : Create a purchase requisition workflow
  • Lab : Configure a new legal entity
  • Lab : Create an operating unit
  • Lab : Set up number sequences
  • Lab : Create an Organization Hierarchy and assign purpose
  • Lab : Use Excel workbook designer
  • Lab : Create a batch job
  • Manage data in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps.
  • Describe Data management concepts.
  • Understand the Data management workspace overview.
  • Work with templates in the Data management workspace
  • Prepare data for import or create all necessary startup data including postal code data, customers, vendors, and products.
  • Describe use cases for and types of data entities.
  • Export data from a legal entity.
  • Import data into a legal entity
  • Copy configuration data between companies or legal entities by using the data management framework.
  • Describe use cases for the dual-write feature
  • Plan a migration strategy
  • Identify common migration scenarios and tools in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps
  • Determine the scope for a migration.
  • Identify relevant data entities and elements based on given scenarios.
  • Establish migration strategy processes including migration scope.
  • Prepare data for migration and migrate data.
  • Create a checklist for proper planning for a given scenario prior to data migration.
  • Identify and extract source data.
  • Identify available data types for creating source data on a given scenario for data migration.
  • Generate field mapping between source and target data structures.
  • Import or export data by using the data management framework.
  • Support the transition between the existing and migrated systems.
  • Perform a test migration and validate output from the process.
  • Implement data task automation.
  • Introduction
  • Manage data in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps
  • Plan a migration strategy
  • Prepare data for migration and migrate data
  • Module Summary
  • Lab : Work with templates in the Data management workspace
  • Lab : Export and import data
  • Lab : Copy configuration data between legal entities
  • Describe the correlation between test cases and business requirements.
  • Use best practices for recording test cases.
  • Use Task recorder.
  • Create a scenario for acceptance testing and save in a Business process modeler (BPM) library.
  • Sync and configure your test plan in Azure DevOps.
  • Execute your tests.
  • Use Regression suite automation tool (RSAT).
  • Create user acceptance tests (UAT) and test plans.
  • Create and work with BPM.
  • Use Issue search

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