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AZ-120T00-A :Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads
Power Packed 11:30 Hours (Edited from 32 hours of video content) Recorded on 17-Feb-22

Includes 120+ Tests Questions (Qubits42)
Module 1: Introduction
  • overview of the SAP and Microsoft partnership.
  • Azure compute
  • Azure storage
  • Azure networking
  • SAP HANA for Azure (Large Instances)
  • identity services,
  • governance and manageability
  • backup and data protection services
  • migration services
  • general prerequisites (SAP support in public cloud environments)
  • deployment options of Azure for SAP workloads
  • SAP product-specific support for Azure
  • operating System support of Azure for SAP workloads
  • storage support of Azure for SAP workloads
  • networking support for SAP
  • database support for SAP
  • high availability and disaster recovery support for SAP
  • monitoring requirements for SAP
  • Implementing Linux clustering on Azure VMs
  • Implementing Windows clustering on Azure VMs
  • SAP NetWeaver with AnyDB
  • SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances) on Azure VMs
  • Azure VM compute
  • Network
  • Storage considerations
  • Azure VM high availability and disaster recovery
  • Azure VM backup considerations
  • Azure VM monitoring considerations
  • Azure VM security considerations
  • Azure VM authentication and access control considerations
  • strategies for migrating SAP systems to Microsoft Azure and SAP a workload planning
  • Deployment checklist
  • Azure VM deployment methodologies
  • single-instance implementations (2-tier or 3-tier)
  • implementing HA SAP NetWeaver with AnyDB on Azure VMs
  • implementing HA SAP HANA on Azure VMs
  • configure the Azure Enhanced Monitoring Extension for SAP
  • implementing AD and Azure AD-based authentication.
  • implementing HANA Large Instances (HLI).
  • migration options, DMO methodologies
  • cloud migration options
  • Very Large Database Migration to Azure.
  • Implement SAP architecture on Azure VMs running Linux
  • Implement SAP architecture on Azure VMs running Windows
  • remote management
  • performing backups and restores
  • OS and workload updates
  • vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Disaster Recovery (DR).
  • monitoring Azure VM
  • monitoring SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances)
  • integrating SAP solutions with Microsoft cloud services
Rajesh Gogia


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