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MongoDB for Developers

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Module 1: Overview - SQL/NoSQL
  • Relational v/s NoSQL stores
  • When to use Relational/NoSQL?
  • Categories of NoSQL stores
  • Examples of NoSQL stores
  • Datastore design considerations
  • What are Data Formats?
  • Difference between Data Formats and Data Structures
  • The JSON Data Format
  • BSON Data Format
  • Advantages of BSON
  • Servers
  • Connections
  • Databases
  • Collections
  • Documents
  • CRUD
  • Indexes
  • Query Expression Objects
  • Query Options
  • Cursors
  • Mongo Query Language
  • Dot Notation
  • Full Text Search
  • Insert (C)
  • Simple Query Examples (R)
  • Update (U)
  • Remove (D)
  • Joins
  • Server-side v/s Client-side querying
  • Retrieving a subset of fields
  • Conditional operators
  • Aggregation
  • Grouping
  • Projections
  • Cursor Methods
  • MapReduce introduction
  • Master-Slave Replication
  • Adding and Removing Sources
  • Replica Sets
  • Nodes in a Replica Set
  • Using Slaves for Data Processing
  • Replication State and the Local Database
  • Introduction to Indexes
  • Creating and querying with indexes
  • Types and properties of indexes
  • Covered query indexes
  • $ operator with indexes
  • Indexes in replica set and sharded cluster
  • Import & Export
  • Backup & Restore
  • Customize Import & Export

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Q1. How long do you have access to Flexi after purchase?

A. 3 months from date of delivery.

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A. It is only for the self-use of the purchaser.

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A. Yes, contact us for corporate packages.

Q4. What is the pass rate of students that used Flexi as their method of preparation?

A. We do not track the pass rate of Flexi students. We, however suspect that it will be lower than for Live Online.

Q5. If we buy Flexi today, and there are any updates in the course, do we get the updated recordings as well or do we need to repurchase Flexi?

A. If the latest update comes within 3 months after the sale we can give the updated version.

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A. Videos can only be streamed and not downloaded.

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A. Presently Flexi is only available in English.

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