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Introduction to Power BI DAX
Power Packed 05 Hours (Edited from 16 hours of video content) Recorded on 30-Jun-22

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Module 1: Getting started with DAX
  • What is DAX?
  • Basics of DAX syntax
  • Creating a calculated column
  • Creating a calculated measure
  • Creating a calculated table
  • Differences in evaluation context
  • Rules of evaluation
  • Working with variables
  • Commenting your code
  • Testing your code
  • Implicit measures
  • Adding quick measures
  • Doing basic math
  • Using logic in your calculations
  • Aggregating and summarizing data
  • Working with DAX data types
  • Context defined
  • Data modeling basics
  • Introduction to dimensional modeling
  • Relationships and their effect on the evaluation context
  • Getting data from other tables using RELATED and RELATEDTABLE
  • Modifying the context using CALCULATE
  • Looking up data without using relationships
  • Handling errors gracefully
  • Using DAX iterator functions
  • Using table manipulation functions
  • Troubleshooting your calculations using the Performance Analyzer and DAX Studio
  • Performing date calculations
  • Working with date tables
  • Generating a date table with the CALENDAR() function
  • Defining custom operating periods
  • YTD, QTD, and MTD calculations
  • Custom to-date calculations
  • Finding year-over-year change
  • Finding moving averages
  • Controlling visibility of your measures
  • Using What-if parameters
  • Adding banding
  • Using DAX to provide row-level security
Rachana Chotaliya


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