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Manage SharePoint, OneDrive, and ShareGate in Microsoft 365


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Download Course Contents
Module 1: Plan and Configure SharePoint Sites
  • Overview of SharePoint in Microsoft 365
  • Configure SharePoint sites
  • Manage SharePoint sites
  • Create SharePoint sites
  • Manage SharePoint site storage limits
  • Create and configure SharePoint hub sites.
  • Describe how to use SharePoint Admin Center to manage SharePoint sites.
  • Overview of OneDrive in Microsoft 365
  • Deploy OneDrive
  • Manage OneDrive
  • Manage users’ storage limits
  • Configure data retention in OneDrive.
  • Use Group Policy to control OneDrive sync client settings.
  • Describe different methods to deploy OneDrive
  • Describe how to use OneDrive Admin Center to manage OneDrive
  • Manage SharePoint site permissions
  • Manage sharing in SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Manage security in SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Describe the external sharing in Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Describe the options to manage device access to Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • View Microsoft 365 reports that measure SharePoint and OneDrive usage.
  • Manage user profiles
  • Manage apps
  • Describe how to configure user profile properties
  • Describe how to manage audiences
  • Describe how to use the App Catalog to manage custom apps.
  • Plan and configure Managed Metadata
  • Plan and configure Business Connectivity Services
  • Describe the functions of the Managed Metadata.
  • Create and manage term groups, term sets, and terms.
  • Explain the key components of a BDC model.
  • Describe the high-level architecture of BCS.
  • Explain the purpose of the Secure Store Service.
  • Plan search
  • Configure search
  • Describe the difference between modern and classic search experiences.
  • Describe how to manage the search schema.
  • Explain the use and deployment of query rules.
  • Explain the use and deployment of result source
  • Know about ShareGate
  • Why ShareGate?
  • Best migration practices
  • Migrate to SharePoint & Office 365 with ShareGate
  • Prepare and Plan Your Migration with ShareGate Inventory Feature
  • Copy Your Environment’s Structure with or without the Content
  • Easily Copy or Migrate SharePoint and Office 365 Content
  • Map Permissions and Metadata of Users or Groups with ShareGate
  • Leverage the ShareGate Incremental Copy Feature When Migrating
  • How to Import Documents and Metadata from a File System?
  • Using ShareGate Reporting Feature
  • How to Report on Security and Usage
  • Report on SharePoint and Office 365 with ShareGate
  • Manage Permissions with ShareGate Permission Matrix Report
  • Office 365 & SharePoint Audit Reports
  • How to Secure Your SharePoint & Office 365 Environments?
  • Manage External Sharing Activity & Anonymous Guest Link in Office 365
  • Manage Your SharePoint Environment Permissions
  • How to Edit Office 365 Groups Membership?
  • How to Deal with Office 365 Orphaned Users with ShareGate?
  • Content Management using Share Gate
  • How to Reorganize Your Content and Structure?
  • Manage SharePoint & Office 365 Environments with the ShareGate Explorer
  • Manage Large Amounts of Metadata with Bulk Edit Content
  • How to Download your SharePoint & Office 365 Content?
  • How to Mass Edit your SharePoint Settings?
  • Manage Never Checked-In and Checked-Out Files in SharePoint
  • How to Clean the Version History of your Documents?
  • Reorganize your SharePoint Sites Hierarchy
  • Replace a Folder Structure with Metadata

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