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Understanding Jira for Users, Managers and Admins

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Module 1: Introduction
  • Introduction to Jira
  • Introduction to Agile Terms
  • Need of Jira
  • Introduction to Jira Terms
  • Setting up JIRA Cloud
  • Introduction to JIRA user interface and navigation
  • Introduction to Project Navigation
  • Introduction to Issue Navigation
  • Viewing, Editing & Understanding Issues
  • Working with Agile Boards
  • Agile Board – Backlog View
  • Agile Boards – Kanban
  • Creating Issues
  • Searching for Issues
  • Advanced Searching Using SQL
  • Search Filters
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Understanding the Resolution Field
  • Configuring Agile Boards
  • Creating Projects
  • Creating Epics and Stories
  • Starting Sprints & Working on Sprints
  • Creating Software Versions in Scrum
  • Creating Software Releases in Kanban
  • Creating an Agile Board with Multiple Projects
  • Closing Sprints and Viewing Sprint Reports
  • Jira Admin Section Navigation
  • Creating a New User
  • Creating Groups and Access Controls
  • Understanding the Different Permission Levels
  • Global Permissions Explained
  • Understanding Project Roles
  • Roles and Permissions Example
  • Understanding Jira Schemes and Introduction to the Schemes Examples
  • Configuring Issue Types
  • Configuring Screens
  • Configuring Custom Fields
  • Creating a New Workflow
  • Editing an Existing Workflow
  • Updating the Agile Board with New Workflow Changes
  • Understanding Workflow Transitions - Screens
  • Understanding Workflow Transitions – Properties and Triggers
  • Understanding Workflow Transitions – Conditions, Validators, Post Functions

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