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Flexi is a Video Recording of Live Online + Official Courseware + Hands-On-Labs + Qubits Test

Flexi is a Unique Union of Live Online and On-Demand Learning Options.
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Module 1:
  • Recap of JS language
  • Introduction to Node.js The execution model Event Loop concept Libuv
  • The Node Programming Model Async programming Promise concept Http server Middlewares
  • Express server MVC Rest Endpoint ORM
  • Integration of NoSQL DB with Express server
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Recap of ES6 Class Module
  • Introduction to React.js React Components - stateful & stateless Elements Lifecycle Virtual DOM JSX
  • Component inter communication: Parent and child component Communication Uses of function delegation Handling events
  • Tools: Chrome plugin for React Webpack, Babel
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Introduction to Immutability
  • Pure functions
  • Use of state
  • Accessing a REST endpoint
  • Use of HOC
  • Container components
  • Use of React Hooks
  • Context Object
  • React Router
  • Handling large amount of data
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Introduction to GraphQL Design principles Types of Data transport RPC REST System Architecture Managing REST end points GraphQL clients Graph theory recap
  • GraphQL concepts Schemes & Types Interfaces Resolvers Queries Fragments Directives
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Mutations
  • Subscription
  • Schema Design Expressive schema Relay spec Nullability Abstract Types
  • GraphQL Server Generating atifacts Schema metadata Multiple schema Rate limitation
  • Using Apollo client with React A full application development
  • Hands-on exercises

We do not have a fresh Live Online Recording for the course. It can take 4-5 days to edit a recording. If your need is urgent, request for an un-edited version.

GraphQL is a Rare course. Hence priced at $199. Other Flexis are for $99.

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Q1. How long do you have access to Flexi after purchase?

A. 3 months from date of delivery.

Q2. Can the content be shared or is it only available for one user?

A. It is only for the self-use of the purchaser.

Q3. Do you have business packages that you offer to companies that would make use of these packages on a regular basis?

A. Yes, contact us for corporate packages.

Q4. What is the pass rate of students that used Flexi as their method of preparation?

A. We do not track the pass rate of Flexi students. We, however suspect that it will be lower than for Live Online.

Q5. If we buy Flexi today, and there are any updates in the course, do we get the updated recordings as well or do we need to repurchase Flexi?

A. If the latest update comes within 3 months after the sale we can give the updated version.

Q6. Can we download the videos or we stream them online?

A. Videos can only be streamed and not downloaded.

Q7. Do you have courses in languages other than English?

A. Presently Flexi is only available in English.

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